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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moments_Twin’s Day

June 8, 2013

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The photos here were taken last June 1 during the birthday of my grandnieces Leclec and Nana! Above photo was one of the games played during the twin’s b-day. We call the game “pabitin” a popular Filipino game played during fiestas and birthdays.

Capturing a child’s photo is challenging; they are fleeting moments never to occur, if not, happen the same way again. Children grow fast, as fleeting as the moments we spend with them.






Can you guess what this is?


Leclec’s Twin Sister, Nana


Leclec too serious in wagging her “mermaid’s tail”!!!


Sariah, their eldest sister trying to reach for the camera???


See the power of editing! Placed after the above photo, we can make it appear as if she is reaching out for the JB mascot…[not the camera]

Group PhotoUnfortunately, Leclec is now confined at San Juan de Dios hospital; she contracted pneumonia I was told. On Tuesday, they will be leaving for Chicago where their family is permanently residing.

Stagen FamilySurely, we are going to miss the Stagen family especially the children and the fleeting moments of joy they gave to us!!!