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I Mourn the Death of Mario O’Hara

June 26, 2012

Today, I grieve the loss of a brilliant film director, actor and playwright Mario O’Hara. He doesn’t know me but I know him through his films. Over the radio I heard that he passed away at the age of 68 this morning at San Juan de Dios Hospital. And just now I read from the online reports that he died between 10.30 to 11 a.m. this morning —  which means that during the time I visited my brother at the ICU of  the same hospital at a little past 11 am, Mario OHara was still there. Had I known, I must have taken a look, pay my last respect even from a distance to him. His film Paglilitis ni Bonifacio, was his last film that I saw; a film that I liked the treatment so much because of its refreshing form. May he rest in peace! And may his films serve as guide to young filmmakers so that they could decipher what good films really are! For O’Hara who left us cinema gems — Insiang, Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, etc. — his spirit through his films shall live forever!


I Walked In the Emergency Unit of SJDDH

January 15, 2012

Yes! I walked in as patient. This morning at about 9.30 am, I made the mistake of dropping IODINE in my eyes! Yucks! I forgot to keep the iodine away last night; it stood right beside my eye solution. I picked up the wrong bottle and put the wrong solution which made me jumped up from my bed like mad because of pain, not that strong but still there was that scary feeling. Wondering why I checked the bottle. My fear got confirmed. It was not my eye drops. I quickly washed my eye with cold water. As I do not know what could be the consequence, I readied myself to go to a hospital.

I rushed to San Juan de Dios Hospital Emergency Unit, the nearest to our house. On the way to the hospital, it was like having sore eyes. Well indeed, it was sore. I was red-eyed – doubly – afterall it was iodine that caused the strong irritation. My eye is under observation until two days when the ophthalmologist they recommended is around. I couldn’t look straight to the sun of course. I preferred walking with my affected eye closed.

For a few minutes, I was asked to lie down on one of the emergency room beds. I could only but observe the ceiling. I noticed the wrong alignment of ceiling hangers; the square designs, the blue, fluorescent ambience of truly being in a hospital. It felt  colder because of the blue color. There was that eerie feeling of being in a emergency room. The place reminded me of my brother Gani, the historian because that’s where I rushed him several times. Impatient, I took some photos from my viewpoint.

The bonus of being at SJDDH was seeing the image of the Lady of Penafrancia displayed at the lobby of the hospital…

Today, I am like the popular one-eyed pirate, the only difference being the color of the eye patch. The nurse used white bandage on my left eye. Anyhow, with only one eye functional, here I am still writing this blog—with slight difficulty of course. This is a lesson learned. Syempre pa. Hindi tuloy ako makaedit… am supposed to work on the Spanish version of Inang-Bayan,  Prof. Wystan de la Pena’s segment.