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October 16, 2011

Just got over with the editing of SA FILIPINAS and TO THE PHILIPPINES – Filipino and English versions of Dr. Jose Rizal’s poems. Both poems were read by Dr. Apolonio Chua, of the Department of Filipino¬† and Philippine Literature, UP College of Arts and Letters. I quite enjoyed playing with image sizes. What I originally wanted to do was just to split screen the Filipino Sign Language version and the spoken language corresponding to it but I found that quite boring, especially so because the FSL version is longer than the English and Filipino equivalents. Anyhow, I’ll just color correct the video files later.

"Dok" Apolonio Chua Before the Take

Yesterday, I came home late — at nearly 5 a.m. in the morning because of Tikoy’s Kingpin Asiong_the international version. We have checked the film further and cut them into reel length of not over 20 minutes each. Finally! my work is really over!


English / Filipino Readers of Rizal’s Poems for Project Rizal

August 30, 2011

I am preparing copies of Rizal’s poems in English and Filipino versions. But I have yet to check the version of Nick Joaquin because I cannot rely on what I got from the internet. I am going to the National Library to look for the collection of NJ’s translations into English from the original Spanish. I have no problem with the Filipino version now that I got the book recently launched by National Artist in Literature, Virgilio Almario. All the poems that I have in my list for interpretation and reading are in the book of Mr. Almario, as follows: Huling Pahimakas, Sa Filipinas, Awit ni Maria Clara, Bulaklak ng Heidelberg and Sa Kabataang Pilipino. I will try to find time to post all the poems later.

Scheduled to read the poems are: Marot Flores [9.45-11 am], Janet Pinzon [11-12.30 am], Roselle Pineda [1-2:30 pm]; Vim Nadera [3-4:30 pm]. Mi amiga, Belen Calingacion said she may come earlier. Her sked is supposed to be from4.30-6pm. Singit na lang between 2-3pm. I am still looking for someone to read TO THE PHILIPPINES. All of them are from the UP College of Arts and Letters— Speech Comm and Theater Arts and Filipino departments.