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Gearing Up To Do a Very Challenging Task

February 12, 2011

Presented first cut of AVP for MMC…Everybody liked it. Final cut to submit next week. Have enough time to clear everything and ready myself for a bigger, rather overwhelming but challenging and novel project… the translation of some of Rizal’s poems in Filipino Sign Language in celebration of his 150th birthday under grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. We shall schedule an audition to interested Deaf next month…


You Can’t Escape Destiny

February 5, 2011

Am just reflecting…how accidental (?), or is it by coincidence (?) that what I believe and think to be important and crucial to Deaf Filipino history must have been “assigned” to me — by DESTINY, I guess!! Am thinking of SILENT O for example — In the centennial year of the Philippine School of the Deaf (PSD) in 2007, I was in the midst of making SO, the first feature-length digital documentary on Deaf Filipinos that delved on their history, culture and education. I started producing it in 2006 by studying Filipino Sign Language (FSL) and finished it in 2008 which means that the bulk of my work on it happened during the PSD Centennial Year. I actually thought that it had to take a century before anyone could touch on the subject, and that was me!!!

Now, I am to work on the translation of five of our beloved Jose Rizal’s poems in sign language, without question in FSL…A FIRST!!! — by a hearing person, unless someone else claims it. I do not claim it to be original though, in the sense that I got the idea when I helped the group led by Raphy Domingo when they worked on their project for Rizal Course. I actually proposed that the idea is so good, we must do it seriously but he said that the [Deaf] market is small. My mind never stopped though that the idea is novel and that it should be pursued. That if God wills it, He will find the way. And God probably led me to think more on how to realize it. To make the audience scope larger, I thought of having them translated too, or read in Spanish so that it will cater not only to Deaf but also to the Blind, students of Rizal Course, Spanish subject, and to everybody interested in Rizal–Persons with Disabilites (PWDs) or not. With limitless audience in mind, and one that will cater to ALL, I submitted my proposal to NCCA thinking on top of everything that 2011 will be the 150th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal.

This project is my tribute to “Pepe.” And although realization will be difficult because of lack of funds, I believe help will come, first from above as I always pray for, and from those whose help will make this project possible. This is first and foremost, meant for the Deaf community, the same sector my docu SO served. I have 10 months to work on this — timed to finish in November 2011, incidentally the month Deaf Awareness Week is being celebrated in the Philippines.


“Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal [Sa Wikang Senyas]” Approved!!!

February 4, 2011

Unexpected!!! Really unexpected, so much so that I already erased my files on my proposed project to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts!!! I am referring to the project proposal I submitted to NCCA titled “Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal [Sa Wikang Senyas].” Although I was positive before that since my concept was different, I lost hope when I heard not a word from NCCA until yesterday. [I always used to get word from them as soon as they have approved project proposals]. Anyway, it is also because I am busy with the small work for Metro Manila College that I forgot to even ask them the status of my proposal…I was happy and problematic as well, because the full budget that I asked for was not entirely provided. Which means I have to look for more sponsors to realize the project. But GOD provides!!! And that I fully believe, especially so, because the project is not only for the Deaf, but for the Blind, and for any so-called “hearing and abled persons.” The project is designed for everybody — as it will not only be in Filipino Sign Language, but in Filipino, English and Spanish.

Cheers for the BIG news that I received on Chinese New Year’s Day!!! Indeed! A big challenge for me!