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Ultimo Adios_FSL+Multitract,Trilingual Version Screen Dec 29

December 26, 2011

Aldrin Gabriel

The Official Launching of Ultimo Adios_interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel [Deaf] in Filipino Sign Language [FSL] is slated to be shown on December 29, 2011 at 4 pm. [Read NHCP Press Release: 115th Year of Rizal’s Martyrdom, The Language of Heroism and from GMA online news: mi-ultimo-adios-in-filipino-sign-language]Unfortunately, seats are limited. Just for production team members alone, 1/4 of the seats could be occupied. Anyhow, I hope we could all fit in the room at the Rizal Shrine where the showing is to be held. For sure the spirit of Rizal will be with us. He!He!

The show is sponsored by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines in collaboration with NCCA and DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies. A preview of the multitract/ spoken language version [Filipino], with FSL, and subtitled in Spanish is sked as the program’s closing activity. Incidentally, we already availed of the PAL promo yesterday for a trip to HongKong to attend the showing of the same film at the HongKong Arts Centre on February 24, 2012 for the HIDFF2.

By the way, Tikoy, now OGUM ARAVI has sent me a message asking me what the gist of A La Juventud Filipina is because he dreamt of his his lola holding a ‘book’ titled La Juventud Filipina. Of course, La Juventud is not a poem; but in a dream, anything is possible. That was before the TRO filing he said. It was most appropriate that he – fighting for filmmaker’s freedom would dream of Rizal’s Juventud who was trying to encourage the Filipino students during his time to rise up from lethargy. His first lines say: “Flourish! O timid Flower!”. Its third stanza fittingly says it: “Bearing the good light of art and science, to the battleground descend, O youth, and smite: loosen the heavy pound of chains that keeps poetic genius bound.” For those who wants to castrate true artist’s freedom, or kill his spirit, you will never succeed. Sisid Tikoy!!!



November 10, 2011

Over “A mi Patria”, film consultant Vim Nadera has suggested to title the collection “Inang-Bayan.” But I have already fixed my mind [and heart] to title it as such. It is because of instinct. I do relie on instincts at times. My first reaction when I saw the dedication page of Noli Me Tangere on our reproduced copy of the book, was, as I told Vim: “Eureka!” For many months, I have been looking, and asking friends for suggestions on what to title my film to replace my NCCA proposal’s title:  “Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal sa Wikang Senyas.” FILIPINAS was in my list, but it is quite common. Until I found the Noli and opened its pages.

BUT… I will take the suggestion of Vim. I will use INANG-BAYAN as title for the Filipino version of the film. Thanks Vim!

A mi…is not meant solely to benefit the Deaf, but all Filipinos in the world!!! By making versions in four languages, my objectives are mainly to reach out — not only to the Deaf, but the Blind; the ordinary student of Rizal course or those specializing in Spanish language, including scholars on Rizal studies; and to help preserve the thoughts, wisdom, and the spirit of Rizal in a form I am comfortable in being able to share my own thoughts with— via “moving pictures.” There will be four distinct versions of the film – multi-layered, as it is going to be multilingual. All will have the Filipino Sign Language interpretations by Deaf performers.


Goodbye Asiong Salonga 2011 For Now! Welcome Back Rizal!

August 23, 2011

I am set to do the continuation of my small film for a great man, Dr. Jose Rizal, leaving behind gangster Asiong Salonga, and the big budgeted film for a while. They are going to shoot the four [not two] remaining sequences, and I have to shoot my 3rd poem for my own project almost at the same time. Good timing!!! Anyway, if it hadn’t jibed, I would have to take time off from editing it just the same because this has long been programmed.

”]Deaf interpreter / performer of A LAS FLORES DE HEIDELBERG will be Romalito Mallari, of Dinig Sana Kita fame. He also appeared in my docu on Deaf Filipinos, Silent Odyssey [2008] as dancing partner of CJ Patriarca, another talented Deaf gal. Rome is scheduled to fit his costume tomorrow. Shooting will be at PEN Learning Center at DLS-CSB SDEAS on Friday, August 26. This is the first time to have very, very short time allotment to spend for my pre-production work which I consider to be very important. Tomorrow and Thursday require heavy preparations and running around to coordinate people, places and things. I have yet to restudy my shot lists. And since this will be my first chroma project, I do find it interesting! I know I will learn something new.

I am also coordinating with Spanish readers from Instituto Cervantes referred by its Cultural Attache, Mr. Fons. Ms. Beatriz Alvarez-Tardio already confirmed her participation in the project.



March 20, 2011

I proceeded to Loyola Memorial Park to visit the tombs of my parents and brother. My instinct was that of asking for their blessings to be able to  successfully accomplish the project in connection with the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal which I am targeting to shoot either next month or in May. I placed my folder file on my brother’s gravestone. I had always consulted him when he was alive whenever I had projects. Today was sort of my consultation with him.

Forget Me Not

In my file were copies of Rizal’s poems that we are going to use on March 26 [Deaf audition]. I chose to read the Filipino version of Flowers of Heidelberg, tried to imagine myself to be at the Neckar River with the flowers that Rizal wrote about. While I was reading it, I remembered Zaide’s mention in one of his books how fascinated Rizal was with the flowers there that included his favorite forget-me-not. When I finished reading, light blue flowers, a tomb away from my parent’s caught my attention.. The flower looks familiar but I wasn’t quite sure what its name was. Could that be the “forget-me-not” flowers? so I thought. I stood up to pick two flowers and a leaf and pressed them in my file, wondering what its name was. After sometime, the caretaker came and approached to greet me. I was happy to see her. I asked for the blue flower’s name at once. “Forget-me-not,” she said. I was delighted! I felt it was as if my brother had guided me to that flower. The caretaker then pointed to another tomb where she said more flowers abound. They [husband and wife team] happened to be the caretakers of both tombs. They were the ones who planted them.

I was so happy, I even became productive. Ideas on how I will start the film — which had kept me awake for two nighths until today—easily flowed. I managed to write the sequence draft to toss to Janus who said that she would still join us despite her hectic schedule at Kapatid Channel. Indeed, I’ll not forget those flowers ever again. I even brought home some cuttings so I can take a snapshot of it tomorrow to post here as well. The celfone shot is not that clear —hopefully, it didn’t dry and die yet.

Luckily, the flowers didnt dry, so heres the photo that I shot today, March 21.

I google searched and saw other “varieties” and lovely photos of forget-me-not…[please click forget-me-not-flower.html]…the variety that Rizal probably saw. Since I went to Bulacan Gardens to see, with the intention of buying forget-me-not, and the gardener showed me the same plant as the above photo, there was no mistake then that the “Philippine variety” differs from German or New Zealand varieties.

Trivia: [Source: infoflowersymbolism.htm#forgetmenot]

Forget-Me-Not Flower Symbolism / Legend

forget-me-not flower symbolismThe flower symbolism associated with the forget-me-not is true love and memories. In 15th century Germany, it was supposed that the wearers of the flower would not be forgotten by their lovers. In a medieval legend, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of a river. He picked a posy of flowers, but because of the weight of his armour he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted “Forget-me-not”. It is also told in pious legend that the Christ child was sitting on Mary’s lap one day and said that he wished that future generations could see them. He touched her eyes and then waved his hand over the ground and blue forget-me-nots appeared.


It’s Sad to Say Goodbye

November 2, 2010

It is 6:00 am. I have just stopped from segregating and recording my brother Gani’s Filipiniana book titles largely consisting of biographies— about Claro M. Recto, Ramon Magsaysay, Mrs. Luz Magsaysay, Camilo Osias, Carlos Romulo, Rizal, Mabini, Amang Rodriguez, Gomburza, EDSA, etc. etc…I have not given them any attention before, as there are some 2000 to 3000 books, or maybe much more here in the house but as I have to eventually part from them, I temporarily set aside some which I will be reading first before  sending to Novaliches.  Two sacks of book are ready to GO!!! And I am working on the third one. Mixed feelings in reality. I feel happy and sad— happy because I believe, they will be in a secure place; sad because they have long been a part of us. But I have decided to part with them anyway, so that others may use them in the future.

Another sad parting that I have to go through is parting from the Sony camera that made ALYANA and SILENT O. The Sony cam that I used is already corroding because of age. The problem is I used it to shoot my first interviews for my film on the Cerebral Palsied. And the footages shot using that camera only normally runs there. When I use other cams, I encounter problems as pixels or sort of venetian blind effects…worse is, it is eating up the tape, the reason why it is now in a repair shop. But with the repair charge of over P10K and a warranty of only one week is sure guarantee that it won’t last. A sad goodbye indeed to that cam that helped me produce my first advocacy films. It was my weapon. Don’t know what lies ahead now without that cam…

But of course, saddest of all is parting from friends because of misunderstanding, some faith differences, attitude indifference, because of trust betrayal, in extreme case, caused by trivial matters…or simply because Fate designed it to be so??

Well, anyway, come what may, as always, it is my belief that God is there to find the way for me out of any predicament.