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Ultimo Adios_FSL+Multitract,Trilingual Version Screen Dec 29

December 26, 2011

Aldrin Gabriel

The Official Launching of Ultimo Adios_interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel [Deaf] in Filipino Sign Language [FSL] is slated to be shown on December 29, 2011 at 4 pm. [Read NHCP Press Release: 115th Year of Rizal’s Martyrdom, The Language of Heroism and from GMA online news: mi-ultimo-adios-in-filipino-sign-language]Unfortunately, seats are limited. Just for production team members alone, 1/4 of the seats could be occupied. Anyhow, I hope we could all fit in the room at the Rizal Shrine where the showing is to be held. For sure the spirit of Rizal will be with us. He!He!

The show is sponsored by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines in collaboration with NCCA and DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies. A preview of the multitract/ spoken language version [Filipino], with FSL, and subtitled in Spanish is sked as the program’s closing activity. Incidentally, we already availed of the PAL promo yesterday for a trip to HongKong to attend the showing of the same film at the HongKong Arts Centre on February 24, 2012 for the HIDFF2.

By the way, Tikoy, now OGUM ARAVI has sent me a message asking me what the gist of A La Juventud Filipina is because he dreamt of his his lola holding a ‘book’ titled La Juventud Filipina. Of course, La Juventud is not a poem; but in a dream, anything is possible. That was before the TRO filing he said. It was most appropriate that he – fighting for filmmaker’s freedom would dream of Rizal’s Juventud who was trying to encourage the Filipino students during his time to rise up from lethargy. His first lines say: “Flourish! O timid Flower!”. Its third stanza fittingly says it: “Bearing the good light of art and science, to the battleground descend, O youth, and smite: loosen the heavy pound of chains that keeps poetic genius bound.” For those who wants to castrate true artist’s freedom, or kill his spirit, you will never succeed. Sisid Tikoy!!!


Mi Ultimo Adios_Chinese Version

November 28, 2011

Just sent to the Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival a copy of Mi Ultimo Adios, Zarah Escueta, Rizal Shrine Curator gave me last Friday. It was written in 1986 by Tian Huay O. Tan, and DEDICATED TO PEOPLE WHO CHERISH FREEDOM. The official notification from Vice-Chairperson Xavier Tam that Mi Ultimo Adios-FSL version was chosen to take part in the HKIDFF was happily received by all our Deaf friends, especially the staff of our production crew. They will be putting Chinese subtitles on the copy for the Chinese audience.

Mi Ultimo Adios-FSL version Production Staff Members Surround Mi Ultimo Adios Encased in Glass

The Group Pose in the Room Where Ultimo Adios is Displayed on the 2nd Floor of the Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago, Intramuros. Deaf Rizal Aldrin in the middle. This is the very spot where we hope to officially launch Mi Ultimo Adios as part of Rizal Day Celebrations this coming December 2011.

To watch the trailer, here’s the URL: or click the link on the right column under Pages


Ultimo Adiós Behind the Glass

April 9, 2011

Sang Dangkal na Ultimo Adiós at Ako

April 7 when I went to Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago to study the place for my shoot in the company of Toto, John Rey and Cristy–family of Manang, our washerwoman. We toured the area and since I had not been to Fort Santiago for quite a time, I came to know that the wax figure of Rizal had been transferred to an inner sanctum of the room you couldn’t properly view it. They moved it because the wax has started to melt. It seemed useless to look at it from afar. It was in my storyboard the way I remembered it placed somewhere on the ground floor area. I had to forcibly erase that from my board. I asked for the room where the 14-stanza poem Ultimo Adiós is displayed. On the second floor, in a big room guarded by a male receptionist can be found displayed behind glass a copy [I guess] of the original Ultimo Adiós, the last poem written by Dr. Rizal found inside the oil lamp [displayed with the untitled poem] where he kept it. It must be noted that the poem could not have been written on December 29, the night before his death by firing squad because the oil lamp with the poem was handed to his family in the afternoon of Dec. 29. It must have been written after the death verdict on him.

Recto-Verso of the Untitled Last Poem of Dr. Jose Rizal


Entrance to Fort Santiago, one of the oldest Hispanic stone fortresses in the the Philippines; former "kuta" or fort of Rajah Soliman; MM with JohnRey, photo shot by Toto