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Showing of ULTIMO ADIOS_FSL Version Moved to June 21

June 11, 2011

The showing of Ultimo Adios_FSL Version still in production has been moved from June 20 to June 21, the former having been declared a holiday since June 19 which falls on a Sunday is Dr. Jose Rizal’s birthday. Not only that, it will be his Sesquicentennial Birth Anniversary.

In connection with my film, I met the head organizers of the UP International Rizal Conference — Overall Chairman Dr. Apo they call him, Dr. Crisanta “Marot” Flores, Conference Director, Vim Nadera, our project consultant and Rex Flores, member of the Cultural Committee group who initiated the meet. Rex happens to be the husband of Marot and the Production Designer of Ultimo. Anyhow, they could not decide yet whether to show the full film which is nearly 15 mins long or the excerpt which is one-and-a-half mins long because of time constraints. They will watch the finished film and decide on Wednesday. They were actually after Aldrin Gabriel the Deaf actor who interpreted the poem in my film. Anyway, Aldrin already said yes!

Also informed Caya Consunji, a descendant of the Narcisa Rizal family branch about the participation of the Paciano Rizal and Gemma Cruz family branches during the opening of the conference on June 22 at 7.30 am. Got the info from Marot who is in charge of the program. The conference will be held from June 22 to 24, 2011.