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REDNAXELA-Binaligtad na “Alexander”_Where Dr. Jose Rizal Lived in Hongkong

April 9, 2012

Si Giselle Nag ambisyong Lumipad

Hindi nga lang umubra!

Giselle and I in front of Dr. Jose Rizal Marker Installed by the Hongkong Antiquities Authority

Calling Card ni Lolo Jose circa 1891-1892

 “REDNAXELA” word origin. It is believed that a Chinese sign painter or a clerk wrote the name of the estate owner, ALEXANDER, the Chinese way – that is, writing the letters from Right to Left.

[Photo inset] With Tess and Michelle of Lakbay-Dangal. Salamat sa pag TOUR-U [turo] nyo sa amin ng mga bakas ni Dr. Rizal. May your tribe increase!

Area Where Dr. Jose Rizal Lived in Hongkong [Reverse Shot]