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Working with Media and Research Institutions

November 29, 2011

Lunch time. Few images are left to complete my materials for the powerpoint presentation tomorrow between 3.30 pm – 5 p.m. To save on time I incorporated four slides into one by making it into a video clip. This is my first time to present using powerpoint. I couldn’t help but insert media in it. Just sliding the materials seem boring enough, even then, I avoided using “flying” slides and fancy transitions because that makes the presentation rather amateurish. Though I am preparing a super simple presentation I don’t think that will really bore the audience because I have applied my knowledge in photo and film composition. There’s variation in each slide. And I inserted the trailers in between them. There is consistency in the use of font as well.

My presentation falls under Concurrent Session 4: Working with Media and Research Institutions in the 2nd Asia-Pacific CBR Congress now on-going. I’ll present the topic: “Documentary Films as Effective Tools in Advocating for Rights of PWDs” — a very familiar topic since I have been engaging in this activity since 2003 — on my own as an independent advocacy filmmaker. Ranil Sorongon of Autism Society Philippines was the one who asked me to share my experience, which of course I gladly accepted. As I’ve told a friend, I actually feel that I am more a researcher than a filmmaker. I just use film as my vehicle or a tool because I can express better myself using the film medium.


To the Flowers of Heidelberg_English-Filipino Sign Language Version Edited

November 27, 2011

A las Flores de Heidelberg, a poem written by our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal, and translated from Spanish into English by National Artist in Literature Nick Joaquin was read for A mi Patria [omnibus film on Rizal’s poems] by my good friend, Belen Calingacion. I started editing it with the Filipino Sign Language version interpreted by Romalito Mallari last night. This morning before 7 a.m., I have finally finished the edit.

Today, I need to focus on the materials that I’ll use for the powerpoint presentation that I’ll do on November 30 during the 2nd Asia-Pacific CBR Congress. I’ll be speaking about “Documentary Films as Effective Tools in Promoting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.” It will be a gathering of many different agencies in the region. It will be my first time to present using powerpoint so I need to familiarize myself with it. It is suppose to be easier than filmmaking but I got so used to making films and avp’s that I find it rather uncomfortable to adjust to something simpler…which is bad of course! I’ll probably be adopting filmmaking techniques to it so I won’t feel much the change. Well! Let’s see what I’ll come up with. I have yet to look for some images for the 15-minute presentation.