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Deaf Visual Artist Rommel Agravante’s “MOTHER & CHILD”

May 31, 2019

Rommel Agravante, a Deaf visual artist was my Filipino Sign Language teacher at DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies. He stopped teaching at SDEAS to study painting at the University of the Philippines. He got a Certificate in Painting from UP. Below is his interpretation of a Mother and Child whose idea I let him do freely.


Rommel Agravante with his painting, “Mother and Child”, an oil painting on wooden panel; Size: 20″ x 24″


My pet, Pitz looks at the painting of Rommel, my former Filipino Sign Language teacher.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Cat’s Eyes

December 6, 2015

In response to: Eye Spy


My cat’s name is Oliver, a stray cat who never left us once it landed here from nowhere. Intelligent, loveable, cuddly at times; in fighting mood during mating season; loves dog food. This is one of my favorite of his photographs also because of the story behind it. He was there because Pitz, our half-breed Japanese Spitz was “bullying” him, so he had to go behind the screen and just observe from where he was with the expression that seemingly asks: “What the hell is happening to Pitz?”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity_Compassion

September 16, 2014

A Picture of Human Sadness and Aloneness that  Elicits not Only Humanity’s Compassion but Humanness Even from Animals that Know What Being Alone and What Life Without Love Is


Pitz as still as Mameng, an informal settler who was then taking a nap. Pitz is one dog who evokes the same emotions as us — he can be angry, happy, sad… There is humanness in his expressions. I’ve seen him in state of agitation, fear, anger. Pitz wants to be hugged, embraced, loved. He enjoys being with people. And he knows quite well how it is to be alone and lonely. Every time he has to be left alone at home, he feels sad and sulks…and feels extremely happy when he sees us back.



Mameng — in foetal position


Daily Prompt: The Critical Eye / On Humming the Same Tune

April 22, 2013

This blogsite is a journal of my activities, journeys and experiences, so I oftentimes write about my independent film advocacies and related stuff, as well as my experiences: a) with people — friends and [quite seldom, foes alike to vent  out nega feelings; b] my journey to places through photos, and notes on things that I enjoyed seeing or have learned about; c) plants and animals, especially those that I am “guarding” such as the miracle fruit tree, the calamansi or Philippine lemon, and the Christmas berry plant, others call the money plant; lastly, the pets we are keeping such as Pitz, a hybrid Japanese Spitz / Philippine askal, and Oliver, our supposedly white cat who these days come home always grey after his night fights.

Pitz_4 months later_Nov '12


Oliver Sleeps

Oliver Asleep

I find myself returning back and forth on the above subjects. Thanks to wordpress photo challenges and daily writing prompts such as this one, they at least gets punctuated, and have a respite. So as not to look that repetitive, I pingback on the already written topic to serve as corroborative notes if I need to refer to the same subject again [As sample, click on the highlighted words above]. Well, probably because like music it is just like humming the same tune…only with some variations.

Money Plant

Money Plant

Like music, I write about experiences that has beginning and must end; about people I say hi’s and goodbyes; dreams and wishes; places and things that marked in my memory; animals and plants that I’ve seen growing and dying. Like music, the mood and melody of what I write about reflects my sentiments and feelings — be they excitement on a blooming calamansi and money plant flowers, sadness on seeing my pets unplayful or sick; upset in not accomplishing a target schedule; sarcasm in meeting narrow-minded, if not egoistic individuals; triumph in finishing a difficult film project that successfully overcome hurdles, etc.


Daily Prompt: FA / Drizzles on the Miracle Fruit Gives Joy to my Heart

January 19, 2013

Home = warmth or joy in seeing Pitz, our 10-month old white, hairy dog rushing to welcome us when we come home from work, encircling us and jumping around with joy; he would only calm down when lifted up and hugged.

Soil = the miracle fruit plant I RESOLVED to guard, look after and closely watch. Would you believe that there are now about six green fruits other the one and only that I said I’d watch until it gets to the final stage – red and ripe? Yes!!! only 13 days from the time I wrote my resolution…

Rain = literally, drizzles or the pouring rain that saves me from watering my plants some rare days; the former comes light and quietly; the latter gives music rhythm that I enjoy listening as they fall on galvanized iron rooftops. But depending on my mood, they become nagging at times. This month though, it seems abnormal to have rains, especially typhoons in our tropical country. Climate change indeed!!!

Whether drizzling or pouring rain, the soil that hugs the miracle fruit plant that I daily check with Pitz seems to enjoy the douse that it gets from above. Like the plant perhaps, is the feeling of unexplainable joy that I feel within me as I witness that my resolution seems to be succeeding faster that I expected the outcome to be.


Portraits of Pitz, Askal-Jap Spitz Puppy and Oliver, the “Pusakal”

November 30, 2012

First CANON Shots_Pitz2a

First CANON Shots_Pitz3

First CANON Shots_Pitz

First CANON Shots_Pitz4

These are the very, first shots that I took after buying Canon D600 last month — the portraits of Pitz, our Japanese Spitz / askal puppy, and his serious “Uncle” Oliver, a “pusakal” [stray cat] we adopted long before we got Pitz from Cartimar. It was quite a challenge to follow focus on their faces. I am very happy with the outcome anyway…got their moods!

1st Canon 600D shot