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Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale_The Bean Chicago

February 8, 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Scale.”


Tourists Flock to The Bean!!!


Quite easy to find me here!!!



Weekly Photo Challenge_Serenity in Sculpture Garden

January 18, 2015




The woman in the photo is not a sculpture which I had earlier thought to be when I first saw her from afar. She is a Malaysian trying to capture the serene landscape on her canvas.

Shot in a Sculpture Garden in New Jersey, U.S.A.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows in Ankara

January 11, 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed” below are photos shot in Ankara, Turkey.


Women vendors on a road leading to Ankara Castle are literally “shadowed” as they take refuge beside the wall fence where they hanged their merchandise.


The soldier’s shadow guarding the Ataturk Museum at Ankara gives another dimension to an otherwise simple shot of the soldier.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow_Catching the Sun

December 22, 2014

Late afternoon. Catching the sun while the car was on the move…



Yellow_3[Shot in Delaware, USA]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Traces Gone, But Not Forgotten

December 7, 2014

Even if one goes back to the same spot, on the same place, at the same hour,

Gone shall be one’s traces and marks on the sand, whispers in the wind.

Subic 4

Subic 1

Subic 2

[Shot in Subic Bay, Olongapo City in Zambales, Philippines using my tablet]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

November 22, 2014

Angles wherever one goes… Shots below were taken in Chicago…

ANGULAR_to willis





Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon_From Willis Tower, Chicago

October 26, 2014

Sharing with you some photos as viewed from the Observatory Deck of Willis Tower — formerly known as Sears Tower — tallest skyscraper in Chicago, which clearly show where the sky meets the earth:

Willis Tower Chicago3

Willis Tower Chicago2

Closer shot of the buildings shown in the upper photo

Willis Tower Chicago


Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction/Reflection_Experimentation

October 20, 2014

Intentionally done to get both the reflection and refraction effects… I placed a big, oval mirror below the chili /tomato plants to create play of light and shadows.

Reflection refraction2

This must be more of reflection than refraction nevertheless, i just loved the impressionistic effect the light has created as seen on the photo below.


Photo of pot plants as reflected on the side of a refrigerator. The rough texture created the impressionistic image.

Reflection refraction3

Another photo of the chili plants with the mirror right below it. The light refracting on the wall gives the spotlight effect…

Ref reflection1

Close shot of the light reflection on the ref

Reflection refraction4

Another experimentation with light and shadows created with the help of a mirror — direct sunlight falls on the mirror and refracting to the plants


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

October 11, 2014

I grew up and live in Manila, a crowded city located in a tropical country where mists never occur except up North where it is cold and they are common. Here, it is always humid and hot especially in summer. It is rainy season now and quite often, heavy rains — not droplets of water like in mists — hit, pour and flood the city. Hence, experiencing a misty morning, and seeing what is seemingly an ordinary sight for residents of New Jersey was something I did not let pass. I enjoyed capturing photos of the misty window of the Inn where we passed the night. In looking at the photos now many months after I shot them, I could not help but remember that up our Cordillera mountains, in a place called Sagada, I stood in awe on a hill as I marveled at the dreamy and painterly-like quality of the clouds and mountains that I saw. It was as if I was looking at masterly Chinese paintings. They are incomparable…the mountain view was quite awesome; nevertheless, the same dreamy and poetic feeling were evoked in me. Otherwise, I would have dismissed the sight easily if it did not in any way catch my attention.


The poetic and dreamy effect wowed me as soon as I saw the misty window. The shot was taken from inside the restaurant of Residence Inn, Marriott Hotel in New Jersey very early in the morning sometime in August 2013


Weekly Photo Challenge: FOCUS_Wood & Bamboo House

August 23, 2014

Here I focused on the house where one of our heroes, Apolinario Mabini [1864-1903] lived and died. His Sesquicentennial birth anniversary is being celebrated this year. The house — made of wood, with bamboo slats as flooring and his bed, also made of bamboo are being preserved. Mabini wrote essays against American imperialism at the turn of the century in the Philippines. Despite being a paralytic, he was appointed as Chief Adviser of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the First President of the Philippine Republic in 1898. He was the First Minister of Foreign Affairs, and First Minister of the National Council.

Mabini House_Bust

Bust of Apolinario Mabini, Brains of the Revolution inside the house where he lived while studying law at the University of Sto. Tomas. The house has become a national shrine. It is located inside the campus of PUP in Sta. Mesa, Manila.

Mabini House_Floor

The floor is made of bamboo slats for air ventilation.

Mabini House_Bed

Mabini’s bed. “Banig”*, a handwoven mat is usually unrolled when one is about to sleep. It is usually made of “buri” [palm], pandan or sea grass leaves.

Mabini House_Room

Mabini’s Room

Dining Room

Dining Room; on the right side is the kitchen

Mabini House_Table

The video below shows how “BANIG”, the handwoven mat as shown above is being made. This film made good use of the camera aperture and depth of field – focusing and defocusing on the object/subject.