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Figurative Abstraction Landscape Paintings of ROMEO E. GUTIERREZ

March 20, 2019

After many decades, I’ll finally meet an old friend, award-winning and former art professor Romeo Gutierrez. We very fondly called him “Romy.” Exhibition will be held at the 4th level, Artwalk, SM Megamall Bldg. A, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong in Metro-Manila.



Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment – Photography/Painting

February 11, 2013

I’d prefer to read rather than hear about learning a new skill to familiarize myself on the do’s and don’ts re the skill[s] that I want to acquire or learn, and/or about the equipment / tools that I’d need to execute/practice such skill. Then, I’d watch or ask someone to demo the processes involved before finally trying it myself: trial and error method.

Concrete example that I can cite is when I bought Canon D600. I am more familiar in using video cams. D600 has the video option but it is not the same as in the video cam I was used to. There are a lot more factors to consider which I found more complicating. Of course, photographer-friends are saying that it is quite easy to use and they are not that different. Nevertheless, before using it, and when I first used it, the manual was always with me. After reading /practicing with the cam, I have asked a TV cameraman friend to demonstrate the cam’s actual use. I took notes… With the demo, my confusion on what / when to use certain options lessened. It’s a leap from just reading about it or directly trying it myself.

But in learning the painting skill, one has to dive into it I believe — reading on how to paint, and only hearing someone describe how to acquire painting skills would just be a waste of time… you’ll end up frustrated. You may also be frustrated on what you’ll come up when you first dive to it but not trying it at all is tantamount to just passive dreaming. A demo or few points from a skilful artist helps though and may inspire you to hasten the jump into it.

But whatever skill we are learning practice, practice, practice is the key. Sign language skill is the latest that I need to practice…


Once I was a Painter

February 11, 2012

Whenever I go to the house of my niece Even in Novaliches located in Jordan Plaines, I always check on the painting hanging in her living room. The painting reminds me that once upon a time I used to paint. I feel sad knowing that I can’t paint anymore. I lost whatever confidence I had before. But I feel consoled by admitting to myself that visual art is not my line; filmmaking is.

My painting depicting children at play. It is one of the few paintings left after our house burned in 1998. Luckily, it was not in our house.

I found joy in being a docu filmmaker, specifically an advocacy filmmaker. But before embarking into working on my own films, I used to think that being a film editor was “it.” I was happy as one until I started making my own film even though all of them are small budgeted projects. But I feel more complete, a total maker of a film — with complete control from its pre-production to post-production. Quite difficult but more challenging. Although my work with Tikoy also starts from pre-production stage still my involvement is limited. The main challenge as film editor comes during the editing stage itself when actual footages are brought from the field. The total indie filmmaker — as producer/director/editor, faces the bigger challenge that covers all aspects of production. I may have made simple, and small films but I know that they each hold a place as important part of social or cultural history because of the choice of my content and because of their pioneering nature. Above everything is the fact that I am happy with whatever I am doing. There is no producer to dictate and stress me by pressing on what they want.


A New Year of Blogging

January 1, 2010

A year of blogging has passed! I am so thankful for having kept a personal journal such as this one which consolidated my scattered and random thoughts. I was so happy [and quite surprised too] to have written over a hundred blogs, 103 to be exact, having been bitten by the blogging fever that it was!!! Thanks to wordpress…to friends who prodded me to blog…to those who found time to visit and shared with my joys, my thoughts and musings, my sorrows, my expectations, my hopes, my anxieties, my dreams…

2010! A new year of blogging. With high hopes that the fever continues. With lots of projects lined up in my mind, more people to meet and write about, more experiences to share with, photographs to snap and share as well, I hope to be able to write as much, hopefully more. A New Year’s resolution that I want to add is the resolve to start doodling, sketching, maybe paint again—preoccupations I was into even before I wallowed into photography, and long time before I delved into filmmaking.

Portrait ng Nanay/oil on canvas

The confidence is gone. My drawings are amateurish now. The skill is not there anymore. I used to excel in life sketching and portrait painting. Shame on a “Fine Arts” graduate like me! But one fact is there. I am happier to make my advocacines. Before,  I managed to share the appreciation of my artworks to only a few, now, sharing my films to hundreds of people, sometimes thousands has been more fulfilling. Painting and filmmaking are similar in a way no matter—in both ways, in whatever I come up with, they would always be extensions of myself, expressions of oneself.

This 2010, I pray that our country and people who suffer from both natural and man-made disasters be spared; that monsters and corrupt politicians be gone, and election results believable. May God live in the hearts of those who would run the course of our country’s fate. May our children’s children live in Peace. May harmony truly live and reign throughout the world! May our environment be as green as is should be! And may love envelops each one to shield us from greed, anger and foolishness!