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Lifting WORDS_Focus on Goals

March 11, 2011

Today, I would like to share with you some uplifting words [with accompanying art photos] that I received from my Indian bandhu. Below are two samples from a bunch of 14.

In connection with the second picture, let me add this thoughts from Dr. Joel Akande, a Reproductive Biologist, and Clinical Psychiatrist: “There are many storms that will tend to blow you off course in this world. But focus anyway. Focus. Set goals. Set how you will get there without distraction from friends, family and strangers that are aiming to blow you off course or suck you into their own dream and sometimes dangerous world. Many will be enemies who pretend to be friends. Be vigilant. Great if family and friends choose to help you but that is not guarantee and you can not rely on that at all. Human beings can easily disappoint one another.” [under: Focus on your legitimate goal and set vision in My E-expert]

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