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Oliver, Our Loveable Cat in the Milo Challenge

November 21, 2011

Oliver is a white, stray cat who just landed in our house some months ago. We tried to shoo him away, even put him in the garbage truck because he was so noisy I got disturbed a lot when he first appeared. But we failed. Before Manang could return to the house, Oliver was already back. Anyway, we came to love him as the days and weeks passed. Oliver is playful, sociable, loving, wants to be cuddled if he is in the mood, do not want to be touched if he is not. At times, he seems to really understand what we are saying as he responds and reacts as if he understands us. Sometimes, he “embraces’ us as if he were a small boy that wants protection. During those moments, I come to think, that maybe Oliver is not really a cat — but a human being. Ha!Ha! He likes to be beside computers, and/or on top of it; and also amongst books. Loves to run after bubwits and cockroaches, play with ballpens or anything that catches his fancy. He even wonders at the moving hands of the clock. A few days back, I caught him playing with a piece of Milo sachet. His energy was super!!! Real Milo challenge for him. When I showed it to Tonette, Alyana’s cousin, she laughed a lot and said: Ano ito? Nakainom? I’ll soon post the video that made my day.