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Silent O and Ultimo A Now in Gallaudet Univ Library

July 10, 2012

Last week, Ms. Diana Gates Moore, Gallaudet University Deaf Collection & Instruction Librarian acknowledged the receipt of Silent Odyssey, my docu on Deaf Filipinos, and Mi Ultimo Adios, the first-ever translation of Dr. Jose Rizal’s last poem in Filipino Sign Language. Now I feel secure about the copies of my work. Burning of our house into ashes in 1998 continue to make me insecure as I live in a crowded place in Pasay City.

At the same time, I am also happy that researchers from the U.S. who want to learn about the plight of the Deaf in the Philippines can now have access to them especially, Silent O, which is the first feature-length docu on Deaf Pinoys. There used to be some students from the U.S. who have asked me for copies. Now, they can go to Gallaudet U for their viewing when they are ready for issue by their students.

Violation or I would say, taking advantage of my trust and confidence led to multiplication and selling online of my first historical documentary on the life of Filipinos before the War in the Island of Corregidor entitled Tiga-Isla by a foreigner who have no respect for another person’s rights.  That experience made me somewhat paranoid and led to losing my confidence on people whom I do not really know. Persons with no delicadeza or kapalmuks doing that have no respect for intellectual property rights. They just think of their own pockets at the expense of their “poor”, literally poor victims. And to think that that person is a lawyer, is really quite appalling.

[Note: I met Ms. Moore at Gallaudet University with my relatives the following year. Click to see photos with Ms. Moore]