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Remembering the UP Film Center

September 30, 2016

Tree planting ritual was part and parcel of celebrating important events at the UP Film Center, then headed by its co-founder, first Director, and my Humanities Professor, Ms. Virginia R. Moreno. I worked there as an artist-researcher, and was later sent as scholar to the Film and Television Institute of India.

Now, as Board Member and Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation Inc.’s [GMEFI] Community and Educational Fund Assistance Program Head, I thought of adopting the tree planting idea for GMEFI as part of Metro Manila College Foundation Day Celebrations. GMEFI is MMC’s Community Social Responsibility arm. Since a tree is one of the major design elements of GMEFI’s logo, it has become more than just replicating the UP Film Center’s activity. GMEFI scholars, I thought could be likened to a young plant which has to be nurtured to be able grow properly, and become productive in the future.


The mango seed that I planted and tended was sent to MMC to grow within the compound where the centennial-old Katipunan tree is located. Above are some of the Gawad Metronian scholars. The activity was held last September 27.



Showing of PULE Moved in Time for Apolinario Mabini’s Birthmonth

July 9, 2016

The original plan to show PULE: Utak ng Rebolusyon /Brains of the Revolution in Metro Manila College, Novaliches, Quezon City was reset to an earlier date by Gawad Metronian Educational Institute, Inc. [GMEFI]. Intended to be shown in time for the Celebration of 2016 National Heroes Day in August, it was moved instead to last week of July.

Apolinario Mabini [1864-1903] was born on July 23, 1864. Hailed as a PWD icon, himself physically disabled, the National Disability Rehabilitation and Prevention Week is held in the Philippines annually from July 17-July 23 to serve as a tribute to the man.

MidYear Meet1

Explaining my proposal to show the educational docu for the benefit of Gawad Metronian Scholars and Persons with Disability of Bo. Kaligayahan, Novaliches. Present were the Board Officers and Members of GMEFI, Inc.

Metro Manila College will sponsor the showing with the hope of sparking nationalism in their students and for them to know who Mabini really was. Though an important figure who helped shaped the destiny of our nation, not so many people, especially young students are aware of his contribution as a hero.


Shooting with Gawad Metronian Scholars

March 15, 2016

My busy-ness and involvement with Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation, Inc. [GMEFI] these past weeks has delayed my usual weekly postings… Been preparing — shooting, interviewing, and currently, editing an AVP for this Friday’s presentation. Photos below were for just a segment in the presentation done last March 5, 2016 — the Grand Launching of the Foundation. It will also be a part of this Friday’s presentation. Shot with Dennis Balan [Deaf]. It was the rest of the staff’s first working encounter with a Deaf videographer. The Gawad scholars interviewed are high school students of Metro-Manila College located in Novaliches, Quezon City.


Preparing for the Shoot


Gawad Metronian Awarded Educational Fund Assistance to Autism Society Philippines

November 28, 2015

Last November 25, I witnessed the signing of the MOA between Cecile Sicam, Secretary and former president of Autism Society Philippines (ASP), and Evelyne Dominguez, Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation, Inc. (GMEFI) President in support of ASP’s proposal entitled: Educational Assessment and Formulation of Individualized Educational Programs for Indigent children with Special Needs.

MOA Signing

[Seated L-R]: Cecile Sicam representing ASP and Dr. Evelyne Dominguez representing GMCFI; [Standing L-R]: Dr. Menandro Magculang, Dr. Ramon Garcia, Thelma Jadraque, Mirana, Dr. Erlin Dal’ag, Annalissa Pennullar

Dr. Anna Blanca, formerly with DepEd Special Education Unit, NCR and Mr. Jason Reyes later joined Ms. Sicam. They will be working with ASP in the implementation of the project which aims to:

  1. Increase the effectivity of special education intervention being given in public schools by providing a model for appropriate assessment and IEP formulation.
  2. Improve the capability of public school special education teachers to assess and formulate Individualized Educational Programs and thereby implement appropriate interventions for their special needs students.

Project implementation will last for four months.

MOA Signing2

[R-L]: Thelma Jadraque, Dr. Evelyne Dominguez, Mirana, Dr. Erlin Dal’ag, Dr. Anna Blanca, Cecile Sicam, Dr. Ramon Garcia, Jason Reyes, Annalissa Penullar, Dr. Menandro Magculang, Nina Padua

A non-stock and non-profit organization duly organized and existing under Philippine laws, Gawad Metronian office is located in Metro Manila College, U-Site, Brgy. Kaligayahan, Novaliches, Quezon City. The so-called Katipunan Tree is found inside the campus.

The Centennial-old Katipunan Tree inside Metro Manila College used to have luxuriant foliage. Under its shadows, Melchora Aquino treated wounded Katipuneros; a place ideal for resting and holding of clandestine meetings of the “revolucionarios” led by Andres Bonifacio. The historical marker was installed at the instance of National Historical Institute Director Esteban de Ocampo.



Adiós to DEWS3 2011 or “ADEWS!!! in Short”

October 1, 2011

DEWS3 or the 3rd Deaf Education Weekend Seminar ended with the showing of ULTIMO ADIOS in Filipino Sign Language at Benitez Theater in UP College of Education. The invitation to end a Deaf seminar with my work was really quite a surprise for me then. But considering the fact that Filipino Sign Language was the language I used in the film and one of the issues tackled was respect of linguistic human rights — respect and recognition of FSL in case of Deaf Filipinos — swak talaga ang Ultimo. Some of my aims in making that film as I’ve told them were: 1) To tell Deped authorities that FSL exists; in 2006 a Deped authority when interviewed told me that there is no FSL; 2) I have the ulterior motive of “seducing” hearing persons to study FSL by exposing them to the beauty of FSL; 3) to help preserve FSL. Like what George Veditz did 100 years ago, using the video format in our times should be maximized I personally believe to continue the documentation of FSL so there will be never be excuse in the future that it never existed. It is extinct.

I came in late – after 10 am I think – so I didn’t know what actually caused the delay. I was scheduled at 11.45 but I finally managed to show the film at nearly 1 p.m. By that time, the audience must have been hungry already, myself included. It was a well attended affair nevertheless. I saw some old friends and faces. Aldrin Gabriel, our Rizal in two of the five films that I am doing was present.

Even came to fetch me. I went to attend the Alumni Homecoming of Novaliches Academy now Metro Manila College, the oldest institution in Novaliches that my brother in law Ka Mentong founded, and later managed by my eldest sister, Ligaya until her death in 2008. It was festive and the attendees were all visibly happy and excited. What caught my attention was an old man on a wheelchair as he reminded me of my brother Gani. In the beginning, a few bothered to greet the man. I took his photo during that moment. Later, when a tribute was read about him and he was introduced, the Novaleños, they called themselves swarmed to him — he was NA’s principal from 1967-80s. Obviously, they did not recognize him when they first saw the man. No one would miss seeing him as he was seated just below the platform. He was nearly 90 years old. I was happy to later see him enjoying posing for souvenir photos with his former students. It must have been a very happy moment for him. If I remember it correctly, his name is Mr. Salinas. I also noticed the presence of several councilors – Alfred Vargas, Candy Medina, a certain Hipolito and a Congressman. Is the election coming I thought… but at least I saw young politicians — with a lot of vigor I hope to work for the betterment of their community.


What Sped Teachers Go Through in Alyana_Autism Film

August 14, 2011

It was raining heavily when I reached Quezon City last Thursday. I was heading for the Autism Society Philippines Office in Kamias – our meeting place, before proceeding to Metro Manila College (MMC) where Alyana’s showing was scheduled to be shown at 5.30 pm. My prayer must have been heard as the sun finally shone again after the heavy rains. But we were already late by the time Alyana was finally projected. Couldn’t explain what happened to the LCD projector of ASP. It was as if a yellow gel or filter has been used. All white colors turned yellow. Luckily, there was an immediate replacement.

Anyway, the buzzy students became quiet in the first part of the film, and many, especially those seated at the back row, as I have expected became busy buzzing again in the latter part of the film. Only probably the Education students required to watch the film were quiet and intently watching the film. What others do not realize is that losing their attention from the film means losing the information being shared to them by the interviewees. Oh well! There were serious viewers anyhow, and they in the end were sure winners I should say. It is because they have gained a lot from watching the film. Seeing the plight of sped teachers shown in the second part of the film definitely gave them an idea as to how it is to be a sped teacher. Their experiences and challenges were clearly delineated. I really salute sped teachers!!! I wish that sped teachers take their inspiration from Teacher Salvacion “Sally” Calabucal, one of the most inspiring teachers I have evet met. Incidentally, Agnes Dizon, my classmate in the study of Filipino Sign Language at CSB has already become a sped teacher. I am very happy for her. I used to go with her when she was applying for a job as a teacher. She attended the showing to watch Alyana again. She texted to tell me that once more the film made her cry. Iyakin naman kasi!!!

After the show, many students fielded questions to the guest speakers, Mrs. Carmel Almendrala, Founding Member of Autism Society Philippines and Dr.Cherry Amor Dizon, Sped teacher of New Era University. Che-che Villafuerte, my grandniece, Alyana’s cousin ably facilitated the event. Dr. Camua, MMC Dean of Education expressed her interest to have sped education introduced or be included in what they are offering right now. Hoping that it materializes… advocating for special people being my ‘mission’ for several years now.

I proceeded to Scenema Concept  after dinner where I continued to work on the editing of KINGPIN by Tikoy. I am targeting to finish editing the film this week.


Mom Carmel Almendrala to Grace MMC Celebration of NDPR Week

July 18, 2011

Metro-Manila College located in Bo. Kaligayahan near Jordan Plaines in Novaliches has scheduled the screening of ALYANA at 5 pm on July 27, Wednesday in connection with the celebration of the 2011 NATIONAL DISABILITY REHABILITATION AND PREVENTION WEEK.

They are lucky to have Ms. Carmel Almendrala, Founding Member and spokesperson of Autism Society of the Philippines as guest speaker. She will share her experiences with Mike and can answer everything they want to know about handling persons with autism. Her son, Mike, an adult person with autism is an award winning athlete.

So, watch out for ALYANA and Mommy CARMEL in NOVA…


“The Man Behind Metro-Manila College”

April 28, 2010

Novaliches Academy in the 50s

I am currently halfway through in the making of a biopic about “the man behind Metro-Manila College,” Dr. Mamerto S. Miranda, Ka Mentong as he was fondly called. He was the founder and first president of Novaliches Academy [NA] which later became the present Metro-Manila College [MMC]. Historically speaking, NA was the first high school, and MMC, the first college in Novaliches. They were thus, the first community high school/college of Novaliches in Quezon City. [To see 2011 photos of Metro-Manila College, click avp-shooting-can-be-fun; To go to MMC website, click index.html]

Shooting MMC 2011 AVP

Metro-Manila College_LMM Bldg_2010

The film was suppose to focus on Ka Mentong  alone—as a pioneer in the field of education in Novaliches, as a man and soldier, and as a loving but disciplinary father. But with the death of his wife, Dr. Ligaya Medina Miranda, second vice-president of MMC, [my eldest sister actually], the film eventually has had the twist of becoming about “the man and women behind MMC. The women included not only my sister but their daughters as well. It has shaped and formed to become a film about the Mirandas of Novaliches, the thread being my sister as we have been fortunate enough to get her to relate about their story including their courtship days, how our strict father reacted when they eloped, their dream [a Metro Manila University] and wishes. Being in a way a part of the family, and knowing them all, it has inevitably a tinge of being kind of personal as well to me.

DVD Cover of their life in film with MSM & LMM during their 50th Wedding Anniversary

It was in 2005 when I started shooting for the film. I was commissioned to make two films for MMC but I only finished the short avp in time for the 60th celebration of the school two years ago. Since there was no pressure from the Miranda family for me to finish the film, and while waiting for four of their children to come and interview them while on vacation, I got busy with other film works. I finally managed to interview them all, except Junior whom I met after so many years during the wake of my sister in 2008. Unfortunately, he did not want to be interviewed.

My sister passed away without seeing their story in film. Anyhow, their children and grandchildren would I am sure cherish the days when they were around, and would definitely be immortalized for as long as the film I am doing for them would exist.

The structure is done, the sound bed more or less in place. I am left with a few more search and research for existing pictures, video, or documents if needs be. Timeline is from prewar days [1940s] to 2008 [my sister’s death] covering nearly 70 years of their lives.

By the way, “The Man Behind Metro Manila College” is the title of the book my sister wrote about Ka Mentong and their school.


Incidentally, last week August 12 or four months after I posted the above, my nieces (Erlin, Nory, Even and Oying) finally decided that the film’s title would also be “The Man Behind Metro Manila College.” Good enough! My sister in the midst of the film brags about it, and how appreciative and grateful she was to her husband, Ka Mentong for encouraging her to pursue her studies towards doctoral level. I am to present the film on her birthday come August 27 with the final title in, as well as the complete acknowledgment end credits.


I finally managed to show the final copy last September 30 coinciding with the birthday of Ka Mentong, not August 27, birthday of my sister. [ I am writing this note today Oct. 20, incidentally, birthday of Even who is now in Canada].


For copies of MMC logos, click avp-shooting-can-be-fun


Grand Launch at UP

December 13, 2008

Yesterday December 12, I was suppose to receive a certificate of recognition from the UP Press in behalf of my historian-brother Dr. Isagani R. Medina whose book “Cavite Before the Revolution” was chosen as one of those “written by some of the best minds the University has produced,” (From the letter of UP Press Director Ma. Luisa Camagay) but I arrived a few minutes late at Malcolm Hall in UP where the Grand Launch was held.

cbr_3-in-oneUP Press Centennial Publications Grand Launch

At the same time as the festive centennial celebrations in UP, bright lights shine as family members gather in the house of Dr. Ligaya M. Miranda, our eldest sister who died last Wednesday, December 10 of renal failure at 7:52 am in St. Luke’s Hospital. Both had doctorate degree titles—the former, a Doctor of Philosophy in History from UP, the latter a Doctor of Philosophy in Developmental Education at the University of Sto. Tomas. My brother was professor emeritus at the UP History Department and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts’ (NCCA) Lifetime Achievement awardee (Alab ng Haraya) in Cultural Research. My sister was the second president of Metro Manila College in Novaliches. She replaced her husband Dr. Mamerto Miranda Sr., founder of Novaliches Academy, the first private high school in Nova which later became the MMC. Both were educators.

When I think of them, I feel that I am a “good example of a bad student.” I did not complete my MA in Humanities because I got bored with academic studies after studying and obtaining from the Film and Television Institute in India  a Post-Diploma in Cinema major in Film Editing. I have in my heart however only a “little regret”  for having wasted my time earning more than 20 units of the course in Humanities as I really enjoyed going full swing into film production work with independent filmmaker Tikoy Aguiluz, my long-time friend, colleague and film collaborator.

Now that I am into production of my own film advocacy work and films that hope “to educate and raise the awareness” of some of our people regarding my subjects in focus, it seem that I have afterall taken the same path as my elder siblings did. I never wanted to be a “teacher” but my films which cut across provincial borders, social and cultural differences actually “educate” in a sense based on testimonies of serious film viewers and its stakeholders with regards my docus on autism and Deaf Filipinos. Looking back, I must have been indirectly “prepared” by God having given me “warm-up” assignments as art teacher at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Makati before joining the UP Film Center as film researcher in its early years sometime in 1977. Until the UP Film Center merged with UP Mass Communications to become the UP Film Institute in 2003, I was working with Fruto Corre and Joseph Fortin in our Cinema-as-Art program as workshop-facilitator /lecturer under the Film Education program of the Center. Recalling my “teaching” days is remembering the “sharing” of what I have learned. I share. I do not teach. That is what I always used to tell “my students.”

Right now, I actually feel more like a researcher than a filmmaker. I just use the film or video as my tool to share to others what I have researched on or studied and learned while entering diverse worlds.