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Met the WordPress Challenge!

December 17, 2011

Yesterday, got a note [from wordpress admin I suppose], informing me that I met my goal… to write 435 blogs.  At the start of year 2011 in January, a challenge was posed to either write everyday, or once a week; I didn’t take the challenge to write daily. I know myself. It would be impossible for me to achieve that because of my activities. But I am quite happy and in fact surprised that I actually managed to reach the target of writing and posting some 400+ notes on this site. It has become a habit indeed; a manic habit in fact, to write anything, even just a note. One compelling reason, is for me to be able to practice writing since I am not good at it. Second is because, blogging has helped organized my notes, especially my showing skeds. Now, I can easily check on what my activities were during the previous months, for ex.

I was actually only prodded by Dang Koe, chair emeritus of Autism Society Philippines  to start blogging because of Alyana, my feature-docu on autism. This has then evolved to become a journal, a diary of my activities—whether on making my docu, editing a mainstream film, or publishing my brod’s writings;  a time blog…an outlet of expression… a notebook, an album of sort…

Well! I just hope that I’ll be able to maintain and keep on blogging in 2012 –and daily!!! Sans fb, I think I would. My time won’t be divided.