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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

October 11, 2014

I grew up and live in Manila, a crowded city located in a tropical country where mists never occur except up North where it is cold and they are common. Here, it is always humid and hot especially in summer. It is rainy season now and quite often, heavy rains — not droplets of water like in mists — hit, pour and flood the city. Hence, experiencing a misty morning, and seeing what is seemingly an ordinary sight for residents of New Jersey was something I did not let pass. I enjoyed capturing photos of the misty window of the Inn where we passed the night. In looking at the photos now many months after I shot them, I could not help but remember that up our Cordillera mountains, in a place called Sagada, I stood in awe on a hill as I marveled at the dreamy and painterly-like quality of the clouds and mountains that I saw. It was as if I was looking at masterly Chinese paintings. They are incomparable…the mountain view was quite awesome; nevertheless, the same dreamy and poetic feeling were evoked in me. Otherwise, I would have dismissed the sight easily if it did not in any way catch my attention.


The poetic and dreamy effect wowed me as soon as I saw the misty window. The shot was taken from inside the restaurant of Residence Inn, Marriott Hotel in New Jersey very early in the morning sometime in August 2013