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Rizal’s Execution Place

April 4, 2011

The Dusty Marker Indicating the Spot Where Dr. Jose Rizal was Shot to Death on December 30, 1896 at 7:03 am

For my Project “Rizal’s Poems in Sign Language,” I went to Luneta to check closely what are the elements that I can utilize for my Ultimo Adios segment [1st and 14th stanzas only]. Before going there, I have already prepared my shooting script based on what I remember of the place. But lo! and behold!!! I had to throw away what I have done because what I remembered to be there do not exist anymore. They either actually only existed in my mind, or I have not really been to Luneta for many years. In fact, I felt like a tourist. Yesterday morning, I felt like being pulled from my bed to go to Luneta to check ahead of my planned sked the place. That type of feeling is something I must heed to [when I am working on something], so early morning I left to do the “mission.” Anyhow, I very well know the importance of seeing the location before the actual shoot. I was expecting to do shot adjustments… and being there, and seeing the impossibility of what my head earlier dictated and envisioned, well, I really have to do the changes.

The Firing Squad

So, I am erasing the scene at the monument altogether, and will concentrate on the place where the Light and Sound is—the actual place of execution—and where only the last stanza of Ultimo Adiós, and the end shots that I have added shall be taken [stanza 1 is subject to deletion]. I also checked, word for word, and corrected the mistakes on the poems in Spanish and English versions that I downloaded from the internet based on what are written on the front stonewall at the entrance of the execution area.