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Last Attempt at Portraiture

September 2, 2015

Looking over at my photo files, I found this. It’s a photo shot by my grandniece, Angel. She took it while I was signing a portrait I made of her. Angel is Alyana’s cousin. It was my last attempt to sketch a portrait on-the-spot.


Autographing on the last attempt sketch…hahaha!

Na asssign kaming magtaong-bahay. At dahil walang magawa nagdrowingan na lang! This was in Delaware, U.S.A. in 2013 when I went to attend the wedding of my niece’s youngest daughter’s wedding. In short, another of my so many grandnieces on earth.

Angel BnW

Angel Villafuerte with the junk collection…

Dare to pose anyone — at your own risk? You just need to freeze for about 15 minutes…