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Asiong Salonga 2011_Edited Footages Reviewed_The Truth Shall Out

September 6, 2011

Tikoy stayed overnight [September 4, Sunday] and worked with us until yesterday, Monday 2 pm to review the edited footages of Kingpin Asiong, eight 20-min reels in all. We also discussed the more important shots needed by the film and also what to edit out later to cut down on to the final reel time. They are scheduled to shoot the remaining sequences and remnants for the film today. While waiting for the materials to work on, I am planning to go to Calamba, Laguna to visit the Rizal Shrine where we are planning to shoot the Deaf’s interpretation of Awit ni Maria Clara for my Project Rizal.

For me to know yesterday that I have beenĀ  ‘reported’ not to want to work and edit is gross. The fact that they have all the edited sequences for viewing [shot in 33 days], aren’t they good enough proof that I have worked on them? That we are working despite the fact that payments made to us are always late??? That signed logbooks are available to inform anyone that we were there to work, NOT play. How many overnights have I spent, that logbook can tell. Even the cockroaches in the editing room must be knowing that. The truth shall out! One should not lie at the expense of others.

Re editing work — No one can force me to come and edit if I want to celebrate the Death anniversary of my Mother, whoever you are. Not even Tikoy could convince me to work ‘oraorada.’ Only after my obligation has been done could I possibly do that. Not ora mismo, especially on a Sunday, a worker’s day-off which is generally, a family day. And above all, when my unavailability or absence is known to the person I am directly responsible to, the Director. All film editing concerns must be known, coursed, and channeled to the Director, or discussed with the Director. That’s the standard operating procedure [SOP]. FYI lang sa hindi nakakaalam.