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Searching for Blind and Deaf Scholars

April 4, 2017

Went last week to scout for scholars from the Philippine National School for the Blind [PNSB] and the Philippine School for the Deaf [PSD]. With the help of Jun Sevilla, husband of my interpreter-buddy Febe Sevilla who currently teaches at PSD, I passed on the intent of Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation, Inc. [GMEFI] where I am a volunteer to support a couple or so number of students. Though I live near the two schools, it was my first time to roam a little at the PNSB. I shot some footage and interviewed the principal of PSD for a feature-length docu on Deaf Filipinos ten years back, so, I am a little more familiar with the latter’s school setup.

At the Board meeting yesterday of GMEFI, I reported about my meeting with PSD teacher Jun and the PNSB Social Worker and Guidance Advocate Ms. Ma. Elena Rances-Carino.

Will be back after the Holy Week to get the requirements.



Great Coincidence!!!

September 30, 2015

That’s what I can say… when both awarding ceremonies — for the same reason, and the same cause, that is, for my film works focusing on Persons with Disability were held on the same day [yesterday, September 29] at the same time [1.30 pm in Manila; 11 am in India] but in two different places [Manila and New Delhi]. I was accompanied by my niece Even Dominguez.

WE CARE-Malacanang2

The Apolinario Mabini 2015 Media Advocate Award of the Year was in recognition of the films that I made on Deafness, principally the promotion of the use of Filipino Sign Language in respect of Deaf Linguistic Human Rights; also my docu on Autism. On the other hand, the award given by We Care Film Festival in India was for the docu on Down Syndrome. The former was held at Malacañang Palace in Manila and the trophy was handed by Philippine President Benigno Aquino III; the latter was held at Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication in Dwarka, New Delhi and the award was handed by Festival Director Satish Kapoor to my best friend forever in India, Dipti Bhalla Verma.

SDEAS group1

My group from DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies: Hearing Interpreters Febe Sevilla and Jun Sevilla, Raphy Domingo [Deaf leader], Myra Medrana [Deaf choreographer] and Leo Sulse [Deaf Faculty].

ASP group1

With the Board of Trustees of Autism Society Philippines including ASP current President Mona Veluz, former ASP President Jan Peña and Chair Emeritus Dang Koe.

Note: I earlier thought that the award given here was for the docu that I made on Apolinario Mabini, “The Sublime Paralytic.” I was wrong!!!


Gallaudet University Letter for Febe Sevilla

June 13, 2015

Finally! I found the acknowledgment letter Febe Sevilla, my buddy sign language interpreter wanted to see. It was sent to me by Gallaudet University. Probably because she is a history teacher, she wanted “historical evidence.” Just telling her about it was not enough. Hahaha!

I personally met Ms. Diana Moore, the university librarian to donate a copy of my film,  A MI PATRIA with the last book that I published for my historian-brother. Febe with husband Jun were my interpreters for the film. It features five poems of our National hero JOSE RIZAL interpreted in Filipino Sign Language by Deaf individuals for the first time over a hundred years after they were written. Deaf students the world over can view it there.



Quotable Quotes from PSD Students in Support of Filipino Sign Language

April 15, 2015

From my files: Photos grabbed from the Q & A Session after the Showing of Silent Odyssey at the Philippine School for the Deaf last year.
PSD Stude 1 PSD Student 3 PSD Student 4 PSD Student 2

The showing was initiated by the Faculty and Personnel Club of PSD led by Jun Sevilla.


Silent Odyssey’s Visit to the Philippine School for the Deaf

March 3, 2015

Silent O’s journey to the Philippine School for the Deaf is finally uploaded! Shot using a point and shoot camera, the reactions of PSD parents, teachers and students who viewed the docu last year were recorded. Oh well! Better late than never, so they say.

Though PSD has a segment in the film, it took six years before it was shown in the first school for the Deaf in the Philippines. I managed to shoot some of the PSD activities during their Centennial year in 2007. I also interviewed then PSD principal, Ms. Yolanda Capulong.

Thanks to Jun Sevilla, current president of PSD Faculty Club who took the initiative to have it shown there.


Parents of Deaf Children Attended Silent O’s Screening Today at PSD

September 25, 2014

Today’s screening of “Silent Odyssey” at the Philippine School of the Deaf was held at 8 am in their Conference Room. It was attended by parents of Deaf children in pre-school and kindergarten levels.


Jun Sevilla, president of PSD Faculty Club [extreme right] welcomes the attendees


Parents of Deaf Children


Jun Sevilla introduces the film


MM gives background explanation on the making of Silent O

PSD Before Screening

The audience

A short forum was held after the screening…We got positive reaction from parents re the film. A few who were touched shed tears. Three screenings are scheduled tomorrow for teachers, students and parents who were not able to view the film today.


SILENT O Screens Tomorrow and Saturday at PSD; ALYANA next week; TIGA-ISLA next month

September 18, 2014

PSDsilent odysseMMMore screenings of “Silent Odyssey” have been added. Instead of just holding the showing on September 20 in celebration of the International Deaf Day, the Philippine School of the Deaf represented by Jun Sevilla called me up to inform me of additional showings tomorrow as follows:

SEPT 19 [Friday] – 8 am; 1 pm and 2.30 pm. Venue: PSD Conference Room

SEPT 20 [Saturday] – 8 am; 10 am; 1 pm. Venue: PSD Conference Room

Yesterday meanwhile, Autism Society President Jan Peña informed me about Dasmariñas’ DSWD’s decision to hold ALYANA’s screening on September 27 in Cavite. ALYANA is my docu on autism in the Philippines.

On the other hand, Gina Ayran of Aguinaldo Shrine, also in Cavite in behalf of Curator Angelo Aguinaldo has informed me about their decision to postpone the showing of TIGA-ISLA in October instead of September end. TIGA-ISLA is my first feature-length docu. It is about the socio-cultural life of the inhabitants in prewar Corregidor Island.


On a Rainy Day to PRID

July 3, 2012

Today is literally not bright. It is grey all over the National Capital Region. LPA or low pressure area brought a lot a rains in Manila. Many schools and offices sent home students and employees especially in places affected by floods. Nevertheless, Aldrin Gabriel [Deaf Rizal /Ultimo Adios/A Filipinas] and I went this morning to the office of the Philippine Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf [PRID] located inside the compound of the Philippine School for the Deaf [PSD] in F.B. Harrison St. That was my first time to go there. When I shot Silent Odyssey, I didn’t go beyond the Main Building. I didn’t know anyone at the time I made my docu on Deaf Filipinos.

We were met by Jun Sevilla [interpreter for some poems in A mi Patria project and Febe’s husband]. He is an officer of PRID alumni group. He asked me to meet up with their president Nancy Sia to show A mi Patria and discuss the possibility of working together to spread Deaf  awareness and raise funds at the same time. The PRID Director joined us in the discussion. As the aim is towards promoting Deaf awareness in the society, well, maybe we could work together. I am not a choosy person.. I have in the past worked with groups, institutions, sometimes just individuals interested to show my films. My aim is anyhow for my film[s] to be seen by as many people as possible — hearing people especially in case of my Deaf films — for them to see and believe that yes! “Deaf can.” They have talents and potentials that only need exposure. It is my hope that the spotlight shines on them because there are quite a lot of gems in the group.