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The Top Seven List of the Only Soundtrack Composers I Can Name

January 27, 2012

Found this blog by John LaRue, a graphic designer/production editor quite interesting! Especially so, because Manila Kingpin’s music track especially the last part quite wrecked Tikoy’s heart! The vision of the director is so complete while in the creative process, that taking over the baton from him is nothing less but devastating.

“It takes a lot of people to make a movie. There are actors and actresses, directors, producers, gaffers, best boy grips, editors, screenwriters, foley artists, and tons more. Unfortunately for those behind the scenes, usually only actors/actresses and directors gain any sort of fame. As such, even the most devoted cinephiles can have giant gaping holes when it comes to naming the individuals who do anything on a film set other than act or direct. To illustrate the point, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of films. Do you know how many soundtrack composers I can name? Not many.” To find out, click,  the-top-seven-list-of-the-only-soundtrack-composers-i-can-name