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Sa Kabataang Filipino and To the Philippine Youth FSL Version Married

October 19, 2011

In filmmaking, the picture and the sound are married so as to have a “married print.” In the case of what I am working on now, I married [combined] the images of Rizal’s Sa Kabataang Filipino READ in Filipino language, and the version INTERPRETED / TRANSLATED in Filipino Sign Language. A third language as subtitles has to be added though. It will most probably be either in English or Spanish. I finished the work near midnight [or 15 minutes ago]. It’s already October 19 by now. Again, the FSL version is longer. The nature of sign language — visual and gestural makes the translation longer. But this may only be true for poems like these ones. Normally, during a live interpretation by hearing interpreters, they always have to summarize, or make concise their interpretations; it is not common for a speaker to wait for an interpreter to finish. The interpreter has to be quick and decisive as to what sign to use to be able to catch up with the speaker and to be understood by the Deaf viewers at the same time. Their work is very challenging.