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The 7 Principles of Inclusive Tourism

October 20, 2012

We are at a critical turning point in the future of Inclusive Tourism. Over the past 20 years the advocacy concentration has been on breaking down the physical barriers that were preventing people with a disability the basic right of access to their favorite holiday destinations. 25 years ago Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen on World Tour [[Start and end dates: March 21, 1985–May 22, 1987]; Wheelchair tires worn out: 160 [From:

embarked on his now famous “Man in Motion” world tour and while that tour was highly successful in raising money its main purpose was to raise awareness of the capabilities of people with a disability if the physical barriers were removed. While there are still inaccessible washrooms in 34 countries access has improved to a point where today most people have almost unlimited options of accessible tourist destinations. [To read the full article, click sath_2011.html]

In the above article, “Inclusive Tourism” is defined as  “the application of the  seven principles of universal design to the products, services, and policies of the tourism industry at all stages of their life cycle from conception to retirement and introduction of a replacement”