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Daily Prompt: FA / Drizzles on the Miracle Fruit Gives Joy to my Heart

January 19, 2013

Home = warmth or joy in seeing Pitz, our 10-month old white, hairy dog rushing to welcome us when we come home from work, encircling us and jumping around with joy; he would only calm down when lifted up and hugged.

Soil = the miracle fruit plant I RESOLVED to guard, look after and closely watch. Would you believe that there are now about six green fruits other the one and only that I said I’d watch until it gets to the final stage – red and ripe? Yes!!! only 13 days from the time I wrote my resolution…

Rain = literally, drizzles or the pouring rain that saves me from watering my plants some rare days; the former comes light and quietly; the latter gives music rhythm that I enjoy listening as they fall on galvanized iron rooftops. But depending on my mood, they become nagging at times. This month though, it seems abnormal to have rains, especially typhoons in our tropical country. Climate change indeed!!!

Whether drizzling or pouring rain, the soil that hugs the miracle fruit plant that I daily check with Pitz seems to enjoy the douse that it gets from above. Like the plant perhaps, is the feeling of unexplainable joy that I feel within me as I witness that my resolution seems to be succeeding faster that I expected the outcome to be.