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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extraordinary / Hindu Wedding in America

July 29, 2013

I lived in Pune, India for three-in-a-half years but it was only last July 27 [US time] that I have actually attended an Indian wedding. TheĀ  irony was the fact that I witnessed the wedding in the U.S.A. Held at Dover Downs Hotel in Delaware, the wedding was between my grandniece, a Filipino-American, and an Indian descent-American. Both were born in America. As it was held in a hotel, the place was set up and designed to have a raised platform where theĀ  bride and groom, their parents and the pandit could sit as the Hindu rites was celebrated. It was thus like watching a play. The music and prayers of the Indian priest made me nostalgic of India… Familiar with Catholic rites, watching the Hindu rites was an experience.

Liz-Nihar wedding2 Liz-Nihar wedding A Catholic wedding in the morning was first held in the church, followed by the Hindu wedding in the afternoon in a ballroom function hall. The grand reception was held at night. It was a BIG event for both sides. Touching and emotional “speeches” were delivered by each of the bride and groom’s fathers and a brother of the groom. Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out of power… [Note: I borrowed the photos and used here until I find my camera. Photos above by Angel Villafuerte; below is from the collection of the bride’s sister]


Simple yet beautiful the bride was, hours before the actual Catholic wedding