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Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a [Wish] List

April 15, 2013

I surely have a list – a to-do or a wish list- which shall give me not only satisfaction if ever I manage to do any of them but JOY unexplainable…

I am referring to films on Sped Children and PWDs that I have been dreaming, wishing, praying and aiming to do:

1) The CPs [Cerebral Palsied]
3) Dyslexia
4) Down Syndrome
5) Global Delay

If GOD wills, I know I will. That I know… for everything that I want to do happens only in God’s time.


Meeting with a Neurologist

February 17, 2013

Lunchtime meeting today with Dr. Fe De los Reyes, a neurologist, Overall Chair of the 2013 National Epilepsy Awareness Week Organizing Committee to discuss about the possibility of making for them a docu on Epilepsy… This medical condition is not among my personal list of docus “to-do.” But since the subject is new to me, therefore it would be as challenging as any that I have in my heart to want to accomplish; especially so, if this going to be advocacy in nature. I know that the cultural myths still exist, and believed in by many of our people in the provinces — that those having seizures are said to be in “demonic” possession… OMG! As such, helping to erase myths and false beliefs from the not necessarily narrow-minded but more of ignorant persons on the issue is one of my major targets.

To do or not to do this film is in God’s hands. If He says “Go!” then the outcome of the discussions will go into that direction. If not, then I am meant to pursue another assignment. God’s will be done! For how often have I wanted to do a thing but was led to something else… but with better results. So, I “surrendered” to God! And by accepting the fact that He is in control of my life, I find it easy to accept even failures. How to explain this to you is a problem. I just do my very best for example to compete in accomplishing something to meet a certain goal, but when I lose I don’t cry over it nor feel bad about it. I always learn something in the process anyway. Not in God’s time I’d say. Then, I continue to move on…..”Pag ukol may bubukol,” one of our proverbs say. Simply said, it means if it’s meant for you, you’ll have it, no one else.