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Gerardo de Leon’s “Bawi’t Bunot” in Viuda de Oro

August 14, 2014

Viuda de OroViuda de Oro is a two-and-a-half hour seven-episode film produced by Premiere Productions in 1960. Its 7th episode, “Bawi’t Bunot” was written and directed by National Artist for Film Gerardo “Gerry” de Leon. Zaldy Zchornack, Shirley Gorospe, Oscar Roncal and Celia Rodriguez starred in the film. The six other directors were: Teodorico Santos, Ramon Estella, Dan Santiago, Nemesio Caravana, Cesar Gallardo and Efren Reyes.

Viuda de Oro_Bawi

Shirley Gorospe and Zaldy Zhornack in the 7th episode of Viuda de Oro

Viuda de Oro_Bawi_Synopsis


Olivia Cenizal played in the title role. Eddie del Mar, her deceased husband left a will that stipulated the giving away of money to unknown beneficiaries. Nello Nayo played the role of a lawyer.

Viuda de Oro, adapted from the DZXL radio play by Leleng Isla was sponsored by Philips’ Milk of Magnesia. It revolved on the questions: “Would you bequeath your wealth to strangers if you had no living heirs?” and “What would you do if you suddenly acquired wealth overnight?”

Ito ay bahagi nang sarili kong pag-alala sa selebrasyon ng Centennial Year ni Manong Gerry na magtatapos sa isang buwan.

For more Viuda de Oro flylets and the list of production crew members, please click below:


Malaysia’s Charismatic Genius

January 2, 2011

Last night, I chanced upon a documentary on Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr.P. Ramlee, a Malaysian film director, producer, actor, singer, songwriter and composer. I wasn’t able to see the beginning of the docu at History Channel but I got so engrossed in knowing about his life — happy and sad — that I managed to finish the whole docu despite lengthy ad intermissions. What he had done really impressed me, the reason why I am writing about him now. It was my first time to learn about him but I think that he was a gem of a person as  an accomplished film director, the world, not only the Malaysians should be proud of.  He directed and acted in 66 films, and had more than 360 songs to his credit. Even though I couldn’t understand the lyrics of what he was singing in some of the film clips shown, I could feel the soul and his heart while singing his compositions. He was at the peak of his career almost as the same time as our own film director genius Gerardo De Leon and one of my favorite Indian film directors Ritwik Ghatak.

“On the 29th of May 1973, P. Ramlee died at the age of 44 due to a heart attack and was buried in Jalan Ampang Muslim Cemetery, Kuala Lumpur. His untimely death was a huge shock to the nation, and a sense of collective guilt began to spread nationwide, as prior to his death, he had been discredited and rejected by his own nation, citing that he was then a ‘has been’, and his songs and film were no longer marketable.

In 1986 (13 years after his death), in honor of his contributions to the Malaysian entertainment industry, the P. Ramlee Memorial was built in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. In 1982, Jalan Parry, in the center of Kuala Lumpur, was renamed “Jalan P. Ramlee” in his honor. In 1990, he was posthumously awarded the Malaysian honorific title “Tan Sri”, and later in 2009, the honorific title of ‘Datuk Amar’ by Sarawak State Government. The Chief Minister of Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud, an avid fan of P. Ramlee, presented the award to his adopted daughter, Dian P. Ramlee in a ceremony honoring veteran artists in Kuching. On 31 October 2010, a 90-minute documentary on his life was aired on History Channel Asia.” (Notes from Wikipedia. To read more, please click: Tan Sri Ramlee)

Without doubt, the documentary that I saw is the one being referred to above.