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Working with “The Voice”

April 10, 2016

I am working on a documentary for the Philippine Federation of the Deaf [PFD] and Discovering Deaf Worlds [DDW]; in fact, I have been at it for over a year now. It is about the Expanding Participation of Persons with Disabilities in the Philippines. Waiting for interpretations takes time especially if there are lots of them for interpretation. Who is who to do the voicing has not yet been decided. It is not easy to work on a Deaf film — that I know because of the translation processes involved in its making.


Interview with Yvette Apurado, Vice-President of the Philippine Federation of the Deaf

But the voice over for its narration was already done yesterday. I asked the same man who did the voicing for my Project Rizal. What I find myself amusing — is I have never met in person THE VOICE, or the man doing the voice over for me. We have already worked on several projects in the past, and to think that we have worked so smoothly and harmoniously only through email and text messages??? Yes! that is what is wonderful about it. We do not lose time on chatting. We deal directly about the work to be done.

Bottomline is: it is possible to work together — for as long as there is trust, confidence, commitment, and understanding of one’s work. I always give him the script, not just the texts for voicing to have an idea of the content, and give specific instructions when revisions are to be done.

What is most important is of course, giving his talent fees on time. I always keep my word anyway. Trust begets trust. Above all, I love his cool voice, and his professionalism. He also works fast so meeting deadlines won’t be a problem. The man’s name is George Castro.

[Note: Today is April 28. A week ago or two, a decision to have a female voice instead was made by DDW. The Voice sounded “dramatic” they said…Hahaha! I charge that to experience. That’s how flexible I am! So next month, we are recording again].


Voice and Heart

February 4, 2011

Last January 28, I was lamenting on the high fees being charged by voice talents. Just want to tell you that I found one who lowered his fee to accommodate my labor of love AVP work since the budget is really very tight. His name is George Castro. I don’t know his looks, and we just communicated via email. Thanks to technology!!! And thanks to you, George! Thanks for your good heart!

If you want to try working with him, you won’t regret it!