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Focus on Heroes

February 25, 2011

After many months, it was only yesterday that I met again with friend and colleague Tikoy [Aguiluz] to talk about his upcoming film on the First President of the Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo. I was happy of course, as I am on the other hand going to work on the interpretation of Rizal’s poems in sign language. My work for my brother on his researches on Aguinaldo gave me a perspective that contributed to a better understanding of Aguinaldo who became unpopular because of the death of Bonifacio and Luna. Question such as “Sino ang nagpapatay kay Bonifacio?” still crop up until now. Teachers of history should be introduced and be welcome to new findings relative to said event. They should dig deeper and read on written accounts re what happened during the Tejeros Convention, and what led to Bonifacio’s downfall. In doing so, they should be open-minded though.

To focus attention on the achievements of our heroes will always be a worthwhile endeavor. No time will surely be wasted when spent on people who made history. As instruments to perpetuate their memory, our share of preserving their glory our way, or however seemingly unimportant they maybe, will nevertheless benefit future Filipinos who value history or those who will look back to study past events, appreciate and learn from them. Future generation may gain inspiration, or said heroes may eventually serve as their role model. We must not forget that among our heroes, the “Brains of the Katipunan,” polio-stricken Apolinario Mabini stood out, and became the inspiration of Persons with Disability in our country.