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Working with Media and Research Institutions

November 29, 2011

Lunch time. Few images are left to complete my materials for the powerpoint presentation tomorrow between 3.30 pm – 5 p.m. To save on time I incorporated four slides into one by making it into a video clip. This is my first time to present using powerpoint. I couldn’t help but insert media in it. Just sliding the materials seem boring enough, even then, I avoided using “flying” slides and fancy transitions because that makes the presentation rather amateurish. Though I am preparing a super simple presentation I don’t think that will really bore the audience because I have applied my knowledge in photo and film composition. There’s variation in each slide. And I inserted the trailers in between them. There is consistency in the use of font as well.

My presentation falls under Concurrent Session 4: Working with Media and Research Institutions in the 2nd Asia-Pacific CBR Congress now on-going. I’ll present the topic: “Documentary Films as Effective Tools in Advocating for Rights of PWDs” — a very familiar topic since I have been engaging in this activity since 2003 — on my own as an independent advocacy filmmaker. Ranil Sorongon of Autism Society Philippines was the one who asked me to share my experience, which of course I gladly accepted. As I’ve told a friend, I actually feel that I am more a researcher than a filmmaker. I just use film as my vehicle or a tool because I can express better myself using the film medium.


A New Year of Blogging

January 1, 2010

A year of blogging has passed! I am so thankful for having kept a personal journal such as this one which consolidated my scattered and random thoughts. I was so happy [and quite surprised too] to have written over a hundred blogs, 103 to be exact, having been bitten by the blogging fever that it was!!! Thanks to wordpress…to friends who prodded me to blog…to those who found time to visit and shared with my joys, my thoughts and musings, my sorrows, my expectations, my hopes, my anxieties, my dreams…

2010! A new year of blogging. With high hopes that the fever continues. With lots of projects lined up in my mind, more people to meet and write about, more experiences to share with, photographs to snap and share as well, I hope to be able to write as much, hopefully more. A New Year’s resolution that I want to add is the resolve to start doodling, sketching, maybe paint again—preoccupations I was into even before I wallowed into photography, and long time before I delved into filmmaking.

Portrait ng Nanay/oil on canvas

The confidence is gone. My drawings are amateurish now. The skill is not there anymore. I used to excel in life sketching and portrait painting. Shame on a “Fine Arts” graduate like me! But one fact is there. I am happier to make my advocacines. Before,  I managed to share the appreciation of my artworks to only a few, now, sharing my films to hundreds of people, sometimes thousands has been more fulfilling. Painting and filmmaking are similar in a way no matter—in both ways, in whatever I come up with, they would always be extensions of myself, expressions of oneself.

This 2010, I pray that our country and people who suffer from both natural and man-made disasters be spared; that monsters and corrupt politicians be gone, and election results believable. May God live in the hearts of those who would run the course of our country’s fate. May our children’s children live in Peace. May harmony truly live and reign throughout the world! May our environment be as green as is should be! And may love envelops each one to shield us from greed, anger and foolishness!