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Filmmaker interprets Rizal’s ‘Mi Ultimo Adios’ for the Deaf

June 24, 2011

MM relays direction re final movement to Myra Medrana, Deaf choreographer at the second floor of the Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago where Mi Ultimo Adiós is displayed. On the extreme right can be seen the alcohol lamp where Dr. Rizal kept the poem. Aldrin waits for final instruction.

Cathy Genovia texted to inform me that yahoo news carried an item about our Project Rizal launching. I was then going to SM Centris to meet Aldrin and Jun Sevilla, interpreter. We were bound for UP to attend Aldrin’s rehearsal in connection with the closing night presentation of the Rizal International Conference which started last June 22 and will end tonight. Typhoon Falcon was a big problem. Roads were flooded and traffic was heavy yesterday because of the heavy rains. It was good the rehearsals finished late—at around 10pm. Since a play is different from film acting some ways, Aldrin had a difficult time at first. He was getting confused because he said it was hard to physiologically coordinate actual FSL signing and acting of the hearing. Anyway, I am confident he can do it well this evening.

Re the yahoo news, it says in part:

MANILA CITY, METRO MANILA-  As part of her advocacy to teach Rizal’s ideals to the Deaf, filmmaker Mirana Medina unveiled the first-ever film to interpret the national hero’s Mi Ultimo Adios (My Last Farewell) in Filipino Sign Language (FSL) .

The film is part of Project Rizal, a collaborative project by Medina’s Miryad Vision, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde-School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (SDEAS).

The project is also in line with Rizal’s 150th birth anniversary, 100 years of Lasallian Presence in the Philippines and the 20 years of Lasallian Deaf Education. [By KC Santos]

[To read the whole article, click to read: filmmaker-interprets-rizal-mi-ultimo-adios-deaf-075332302.html]

It was reported that I want “to finish all five films by November for all the films to coincide with the 4th D.C Deaf Film Festival held annually in Washington D.C…” I just want to make a correction… the film is targeted for the November DEAF FESTIVAL being held annually here in the Philippines, specifically for the Deaf Festival of SDEAS since they are my partner.

Thanks however Ms. KC Santos for sparing her time to be with us last June 21.