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Great Grandchildren of Rizal Joined Us in Lauching Project Rizal

June 21, 2011

The launching of Project Rizal and the showing of Ultimo Adiós this afternoon were successful in so many ways:

1. Unexpected visitors, such as the descendants of Saturnina Rizal, Dr. Manolet Gonzales and Atty. Ramoncita Reyes [on the second row seated next to Dean Nicky Templo of SDEAS-in blue blouse] attended our showing;

[please click to watch Dr. Gonzales as he delivers his message to the students of SDEAS]

Great Grandson of Saturnina Rizal, Dr. Manolet Gonzales Gives Message to Viewers of ULTIMO ADIOS in Filipino Sign Language

2. Many, many more understood Rizal, and how much he loved the Philippines through the poem. Thanks to the explanation of Vim Nadera. I projected our session with him when he explained to Raphy and Myra the meaning of each line [taludtod] from stanza [saknong] one. The whole session lasted nearly an hour long so I just showed the first stanza for the viewers to know and have an idea how we came up with the final version.

3. Like in UP, many viewers — Deaf and hearing —held their tears back. They felt the sadness of the poem throughout.

4. To know that a hearing person understood Rizal’s Ultimo Adios better in sign language [I am referring to a friend, Noemi Pamintuan Jara who knows how to sign] was truly wonderful. She says of the film:

“Mi Ultimo Adiós in Filipino Sign Language made me understand the poem better perhaps because signed language communicates straight to your heart and soul. It was able to convey Rizal’s message in a more effective and soulful way. I was able to put myself in Rizal’s shoes — feeling how he felt during his last moments. He now lives in all of us.”

5. I am sure Aldrin Gabriel as “Rizal” has helped and has been an instrument to serve as an inspiration to other Deaf in the sector.

Nang sapian ni Rizal -- Aldrin Gabriel relates how he felt the spirit of Rizal as he practiced the interpretation of the poem

To see some excerpts from the film, please watch below