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PULE: UTAK ng REBOLUSYON’s Final Cut Done!

December 24, 2015

It doesn’t necessarily mean though that changes are not welcome as of this stage. Next year — as if it is too far from now — I shall be watching it again. I have tendency to find the littlest of, well, not necessarily mistakes, but something I might find subject to change after distancing from it for many days than usual. For the record, the final cut was readied day before yesterday, Tuesday, December 22.

PULE, an educational documentary about our hero Apolinario Mabini, is the Filipino narrated version of his life. It is meant largely for the Deaf, but is not limited to them. Fully subtitled in English, it has interpretation in Filipino Sign Language, the natural and national sign language of Deaf Filipinos.

Dr. Apolonio Chua of UP Department of Filipino did the narration while the translation of the script was done by Dr. Ruby Alcantara from the same department.

Thanks to all participants to a film made from the heart! Thanks as well to SDEAS where I spent the last few weeks before end of school year to work on it and the NCCA for their support.



What They Say About A MI PATRIA_Screening February 2

January 30, 2013

A MI PATRIA’s [INANG-BAYAN / TO MY MOTHERLAND] new flyer…With reactions from Dr. Apolonio Chua, former Chairman of the Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature,¬† UP College of Arts and Letters, Atty. Ramoncita Reyes, Rizal descendant, Saturnina Rizal branch and Leo Sulse [Deaf], Chairperson of DLS-CSB SDEAS Center for Academics.

FLYER _What They Say about A MI PATRIA



October 16, 2011

Just got over with the editing of SA FILIPINAS and TO THE PHILIPPINES – Filipino and English versions of Dr. Jose Rizal’s poems. Both poems were read by Dr. Apolonio Chua, of the Department of Filipino¬† and Philippine Literature, UP College of Arts and Letters. I quite enjoyed playing with image sizes. What I originally wanted to do was just to split screen the Filipino Sign Language version and the spoken language corresponding to it but I found that quite boring, especially so because the FSL version is longer than the English and Filipino equivalents. Anyhow, I’ll just color correct the video files later.

"Dok" Apolonio Chua Before the Take

Yesterday, I came home late — at nearly 5 a.m. in the morning because of Tikoy’s Kingpin Asiong_the international version. We have checked the film further and cut them into reel length of not over 20 minutes each. Finally! my work is really over!