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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance_Love & Friendship

September 21, 2014

Show us what endurance means to you. Is it that high-school diploma, beads of sweat earned on a long run, a treasured family heirloom, or something else entirely?

I see and appreciate the concept of endurance in something more than the antiquated objects and artifacts that I keep…

Advoc_Endurance_Dog-Cat Friendship2

Oliver and Pitz. Love and Friendship endure as they grow up. Oliver the Cat is quiet patient and kind to Pitz, our half Jap Spitz-Askal dog. When irritated by playful Pitz, Oliver just walks away. I have never seen them fight in the nearly three years that they are together.

Advoc_Endurance_Mother n Child

The Enduring Picture of Mother’s Love and Protection for Her Child. They are stray cats Pitz always fight with probably feeling his territory has been invaded.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pitz, My Great Companion

June 29, 2013

Pitz_Great Companion

This is Pitz, my great companion…the other one, Oliver the Cat is seen in the previous post. I always talk to Pitz and Oliver as if they are human beings. Pitz wants to be hugged and in an eye’s wink you’ll find him seated on your lap. By now, he seems to have measured the distance between the floor and our lap. He can be ordered to follow simple directions like waking up my son, fetching the slippers for him, doing Hi 5s, etc. Wherever I go and whatever I do, Pitz follows me. However, when I tell him that I am going out to work, or simply when I had to leave him alone, he retreats under the table and just look at me as I lock the door. Sometimes he sulks. Or, runs to the window to have a last peek at me, waving goodbye to him. There were times that he looked so sad, I felt like returning to the house. You should see him when we are back. He just doesn’t wag his tail. He will run back and forth, jumps up and around us, and won’t stop until he is lifted up and hugged. His heart palpitates with excitement. Only then will he keep still. When you put him down after some minutes long enough for him to feel secured, you’ll see that he has calm down.

Pitz is a jealous dog. When my son leaves for work and says goodbye, he will always stand between us seeking attention. Sometimes, he seems to tell – “Don’t go! Let’s play!” Just the other day, I was talking with a niece when suddenly in between he jumped to sit on my lap. While I was talking, Pitz patted my arm to call my attention… he must be reminding me that I have forgotten to water the plants. It was nearly noon time and we have not as yet watered the plants on the second floor where the plants are kept. It  has been our daily routine to go out together at about 8 or 9am to water the plants.

One year and five days ago Pitz entered our lives. From that time on, he made our days bright even when the weather is gloomy and there are typhoons, like now [Typhoon Gorio].


Pitz, an hour or so after he was bought from a pet shop and brought to our house last year on June 24. Now, his big, funny ears do not appear as large in proportion to his size as when he first arrived here. Each day from then on, he never fails to make me smile or laugh because of his intelligence.

I never liked dogs before because I was bitten twice when I was small. We actually had a dog before but I was not the one who looked after Pooh. She died two years ago, the reason why we now have Pitz. I have completely overcome my fear of dogs because of him and is looking after him like a child. I have never loved a dog as much as I love this half Askal-Japanese Spitz. I have a lot to tell about him, the best being the joy he gives us. Truly immeasurable!


Portraits of Pitz, Askal-Jap Spitz Puppy and Oliver, the “Pusakal”

November 30, 2012

First CANON Shots_Pitz2a

First CANON Shots_Pitz3

First CANON Shots_Pitz

First CANON Shots_Pitz4

These are the very, first shots that I took after buying Canon D600 last month — the portraits of Pitz, our Japanese Spitz / askal puppy, and his serious “Uncle” Oliver, a “pusakal” [stray cat] we adopted long before we got Pitz from Cartimar. It was quite a challenge to follow focus on their faces. I am very happy with the outcome anyway…got their moods!

1st Canon 600D shot


PITZ_Our Loveable Puppy

October 2, 2012

Since I am home most of the time these days, I have more time to watch Pitz, our intelligent and loveable sixth-month old puppy. Said to be a “Japanese Spitz askal” because of his abnormally big ears, he has been with us since July. He has added life in the house since then because he can easily be trained, playful and always lively. Of what he has learned from the usual “Sit down”, “Appear !”, “Up”, “Walk!”, “Come here,” “Jump!” directions, what I like the most is that I can order him to wake my son up each morning to ready for work, and can order him to fetch our “tsinelas”. He also waits for directions before grabbing his food — either he hears the word “Go!” or I tap his head before he moves. He also knows when we are leaving him for work; he doesn’t follow us when we go out; he just sits still and watches until we close the door. He would then go to the window to have a last peek at us. There are moments when I want to go back because his expression would be that of sadness. Pitz wants to be cuddled and is always jealous of Oliver, our white cat. In relation to Oliver, he was also trained not to take the food of Oliver while the cat is eating; he has to wait until he finishes before he can eat Oliver’s left-over food.

I caught Pitz in photos during rare moments when he wasn’t hyperactive.