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Trek to DMMMSU in Agoo, La Union with Alyana and Silent O

August 14, 2011

It was a long trek!! We reached Agoo from Pasay bus terminal after nearly 9 hours [we left at 4 pm last Friday, and reached La Union Saturday, after midnight]…at lumampas pa kami sa Agoo! We were picked up at Aringay Public Market by Dino and Divina Naoe, event organizer, because we failed to get off at Agoo itself. Landmark and meeting place was Jollibee. The problem was I sat on the left side of the bus [JB is on the other side of the road], and though the man seated beside me kept on telling me that we were already in Agoo, I did not budge from my seat because I told the bus conductor to drop us where Jollibee in Agoo is supposed to be located. Jojo who was seated on the right side of the bus, but must be asleep by the time we passed there. Only when I called his attention to remind the conductor — that we came to know we were already heading for the next town. I am not familiar with the place although I had been there before when I first went to show Alyana.

With Divina and her angels - the SPEDers, the organizing group after the activity

I thought I was back there after only two or three years ago, but Divina, the ever-energetic-innovative professor of Special Education at DMMMSU told me that I was there some four or five years ago. Good news is that all the first-batch of her Speders that I met are working now, and as expected, some are already abroad. DMMMSU [Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University] is very lucky to have her as one of their faculty staff members. She is a mover and a doer!

For the showing of Alyana and Silent O this time, thanks to the College of Education and the Graduate Studies for supporting the activities of the SPEDers CARE Organization!!! Surely, without saying a word [students this time were not as vocal as the first group I met], I knew that they got to understand  better what autism is, gave them idea as to what they are to face when they teach [the second part of the film covers special education and the plight of special teachers], and therefore ready their minds when they leave the school. And for reaction to Silent O, some had showed interest and asked where to learn sign language. It is timely because Racquel Corpuz, PFD President will be there to have sessions in FSL to interested students.

I just hope that next time, if ever there will be one, families of pwa’s and Deaf will be there to know of the plight of other families in the same boat as theirs, and what their Deaf children are going through.