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Humiliation of Disabled Activists and Their Daily Travails

April 16, 2012

Do you remember the case of Franklin Corpuz [Deaf], husband of Racquel, when he was not allowed to board a plane bound for Qatar to attend a Chef’s training just because he is Deaf? Well, similar incidents occur, and much more problems are there when it comes to accessibility and attitudinal barriers elsewhere in the world, in India for example as shown in the following recent report:

“Disabled activists being humiliated on domestic flights make headline news. But the daily travails of the disabled who attempt to travel by bus, rail or tram never get any attention. Isn’t it more important to ensure that the poor and disabled are brought into the arena of rights, asks¬†Shampa Sengupta.

All those working for disability rights in India were outraged at the treatment meted out to activist Jeeja Ghosh by Spicejet Airlines whilst on a flight from Kolkata to Goa where an international seminar was being held. The media gave the incident ample coverage, alleging that such behaviour towards disabled passengers was totally unacceptable. Several groups came together to express solidarity and to organise a protest meet in Jeeja’s home city ¬†Kolkata. More satisfyingly, it was soon learnt that India’s newly appointed chief commissioner of disabilities had issued a show-cause notice, based on media reports, to the concerned airline.”

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