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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow_Catching the Sun

December 22, 2014

Late afternoon. Catching the sun while the car was on the move…



Yellow_3[Shot in Delaware, USA]


Peaceful Delaware

July 26, 2013
MM_Pheasant Lane Delaware

In front of the house where I am now staying a couple of days after I arrived in Delaware last July 22.

“…Peace and Quiet and Open Air…” as the song goes… With few souls around it, I love the contrast from Manila metropolis where you’d see only crowd… teeming people, yes! and noise!! A cool change seeing lots of greeneries, Amish community and just pure landscapes!

Quail Run_Angel

My grandniece Angel. Kodakan kami


From East to West_Off to Delaware Tomorrow

July 21, 2013

Preparing for a trip to Wyoming, Delaware tomorrow to visit relatives who immigrated there decades ago [also in Maryland and Chicago], attend functions [Catholic and Indian wedding], meet email acquaintances like Ms. Diana Moore of Gallaudet University. It will be my first time in the US! Hope I enjoy it the same way I enjoyed Paris and Kyoto. Will go there with self-assigned work like reading and studying what Down Syndrome is for my next project which I sked to do as soon as I return here. Nevertheless, traveling always provides me – literally – new views of beautiful things and places to behold; appreciation of a different culture and people, and new ideas and insights perhaps thereafter.

Let’s see!