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Anthology of Rizal’s Patriotic Poems_A mi Patria

February 16, 2012

Finally!!! I now have the list of my omnibus film consisting of five Rizal’s poems each x four versions and their durations, as follows:

A mi Patria: Filipino Sign Language [FSL] version – 47:33 mins. [with English subtitles]; Deaf Interpreters: Aldrin Gabriel, Mark Steven Gaspar, Jorelle Faytaren and Romalito Mallari

A mi Patria: Spanish Language version – 24.27 mins [with Filipino subtitles and interpreted in FSL by the members of the Silent Steps]; Poem Readers: Belen Tangco, Fernando Ramos, Anna Marie Yglopaz, Beatriz Tardio-Alvarez, Wystan de la Pena

Inang-Bayan: Filipino Language version – 28.32 mins. [with English subtitles and interpreted in FSL]; Poem Readers: Apolonio Chua, Roselle Pineda, Jannette Pinzon, Crisanta Flores, Vim Nadera

To My Motherland: English Language version – 26.10 mins [with Spanish subtitles and interpreted in FSL]; Poem Readers: Apolonio Chua, Roselle Pineda, Jannette Pinzon, Belen Calingacion, Rex Flores


It took me a year to finish these films. At this point in time, I have yet to do the DVD authoring. It’s worth the effort though. And definitely more fulfilling than working on Manila Kingpin which I alternately did with Project Rizal! But what a waste to work on a film where you have put in a lot of your time, mind and energy then lost its film form, meaning and sense because of producer’s interferences! Really better to work on your own. Budget was a problem but it’s just one of those realities I have learned to contend with.

In A mi…, I met new people specially some of Rizal’s descendants, made new friends, learned new things, but above all, met new challenges, and SUCCEEDED!!! I have met a lot of good, positive people with creative minds! And I worked with group of people full of dedication and commitment in their hearts.


Five Rizal Poems for the Deaf Ready

November 2, 2011

Yes! Length or duration-wise the five films of Dr. Jose Rizal in Filipino Sign Language [FSL] are now ready — for music scoring and sound effects layin only… but not for showing yet. Mainit-init pa yan pag pinalabas am sure by mid-November. [It’s Deaf Month by the way here in the Philippines; my target time to show the film!]. Actually am yet to  edit the film intro with the topic — Sino si Rizal, hopefully today, and to get the copy to Roselle Pineda and JM Diego for scoring asap. In all, the main content is 37 mins, plus 2-3 mins of acknowledgment credits. With the intro, it should total between 45-50 mins. Mahaba na rin pala! Medium-length films they call it! Not short, nor feature-length!

My Last Farewell is the longest at approx. 14 mins; Song of Maria Clara, the shortest at about 4 mins. They will be cut shorter when placed with the spoken languages because the individual film intros will be removed in some, i.e. Ultimo. [Have to study what to retain].  The FSL films interpreted by Deaf Filipinos, and their length are as follows:

A FILIPINAS    —————————-    From o min – 6:42:27 [Interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel]

A LA JUVENTUD FILIPINA    ——-    6:42:27 – 13:19:31 [Interpreted by Mark Gaspar Steven]

CANTO DE MARIA CLARA   – ——-    13:19:31 – 17:23:14 [Interpreted by Jorelle Faytaren]

A LAS FLORES DE HEIDELBERG   –   17:23:14 – 23:12:00 [Interpreted by Romalito Mallari]

MI ULTIMO ADIOS   ———————   23:12:00 – 37:16:26 [Interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel]


“A mi Patria”

October 15, 2011

I have decided to title my film on the collection of Dr. Jose Rizal’s poems — interpreted in Filipino Sign Language, English, Filipino and Spanish — A MI PATRIA. I got it from his book NOLI ME TANGERE, on the dedication page of the book itself. It struck me at once. I earlier thought of just titling it as FILIPINAS because the five poems I have selected are all expressive of his nationalistic sentiments. But I wasn’t that sold to using it because it is quite common. A mi Patria sounds more personal, it sounds really as RIZAL. And since all were interpreted with fervor in sign language, and read just as expressive in spoken languages, I believe the spirit of Rizal will come out and be evoked more once the music is scored. Afterall some of the Deaf interpreters said that they felt the spirit of Rizal entered their being while practicing their interpretations, especially Aldrin Gabriel who performed Ultimo Adios.


Rizal’s Heroism and Patriotism Interpreted in Filipino Sign Language

October 13, 2011

The film on Rizal’s interpretation in FSL of five of his most popular poems is forming. Right now, except for Flowers of Heidelberg, they are individually edited. It is my problem to connect them all. The intro will help definitely. Music will also thread them all. I need to finish soonest. But I still need a lot of shots to make that happen. In film editing, there are many transition devices that can do that. But that would be my last resort. What I have in mind should first be tried, and trying all ways to achieve them should be maximized.

The Rizal Monument is located opposite the new Calamba City Hall; Aldrin is shown in the photo with the production team

Anyway, the poem’s sequence will be: A FILIPINAS as interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel, A LA JUVENTUD FILIPINA [Mark Gaspar], CANTO DE MARIA CLARA [Jorelle Faytaren], A LAS FLORES DE HEIDELBERG [Romalito Mallari], and ULTIMO ADIOS [Aldrin Gabriel]. All interpreters are Deaf.

Aldrin practices while Lynn Cappal looks on. Photos by Rem Vocalan