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Deaf Auditioned to Translate Rizal’s Poems in Sign Language

March 27, 2011

Ten Deaf individuals turned out yesterday to join the search for FSL signers who would interpret / translate into Filipino Sign Language five poems of Rizal in celebration of the sesquicentennial anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal’s birthday [1861-2011].

For the poem “SA AKING MGA KABABATA”: Reynaldo A. Masagnay, Jimloyd S. Ancheta and Arvie O. Dela Cruz, all boys are from Batino; A LA JUVENTUD FILIPINA: Mark Gaspar; LAS FLORES DEL HEIDELBERG: Michael Vea and Henry Perez; MI ULTIMO ADIOS: Romalito Mallari, Aldrin Gabriel and Arvin Benzon; AWIT NI MARIA CLARA: Jorrelle G. Faytaran. Panel members present were Raphy Domingo, Myra Medrana, Dennis Balan and Dr. Therese Bustos.

A second audition will be held at DLS-CSB School of Deaf and Applied Studies from Monday to Thursday to be organized by Febe Sevilla and Myra Medrana. Like yesterday, each one will be asked to interpret a stanza or two from the poems assigned to them. Deliberation by all the panel members will be held on Friday [time still to be set]. They will view all the footages and decide who interprets best the poems.

The project is under grant from the National Commission for Culture and the arts. It is entitled “Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal sa Wikang Senyas.”


Deaf Audition 1 for Project RIZAL

March 25, 2011

We are pushing with the audition of Deaf individuals interested to take part in my project under NCCA grant: Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal sa  Wikang Senyas/ Rizal’s Poems in Sign Language tomorrow at Liw’s place — Lutheran Trinity Church opposite GMA at 1 pm. Next week, a second audition will be held for those who won’t be able to attend tomorrow at CSB. The deliberation of the panelists, largely composed of Deaf persons, and a couple of hearing persons will be done after the second audition. We hope to find the best!!! The audition was suggested by our FSL Consultant and Deaf relay, Raphy Domingo.


Deaf Audition_Project Rizal

March 18, 2011

I have finally fixed our Deaf audition for next Saturday, March 26 to be held at Liw Caldito’s place in QC in connection with my project, Rizal’s Poems in Sign Language—specifically, excuse me!!! in Filipino Sign Language [FSL]. Yesterday, I had a meeting with Febe Sevilla [voice interpreter] and Myra Medrana [Deaf choreographer of Silent Steps] at CSB. This afternoon I met with Raphy Domingo [FSL Consultant] and Jennifer Balan [Deaf wife of Dennis – also Deaf – who will do the camerawork for Filipino Sign Language version]. I was very happy to have managed to “talk” with Raphy and Jenn without any interpreter. By Tuesday, they should be ready with the list of their “nominees.” I have asked them to do individual pre-judging based on their knowledge of the person’s capability. Said “nominees’ will then interpret a stanza or two from the poems in front of a panel consisting of the above, as well as Dr. Therese Bustos of UP Sped Area, and Ferdie Vizmanos if he is available.

My still very little knowledge of FSL, visual-gestural communication, and fingerspelling — was aided by writing –last resort when I could not really understand them, and vice-versa. Five years ago, that would not have been possible [I studied in 2006, start of my journey in Deaf world]. But that’s it! If one really wants to learn a language, even struggle with the intention of really wanting to communicate, nothing is impossible. Sign language is no different from learning a spoken language, it is even better because you  learn to be expressive as you act, even make faces, to be understood. LOL!! Kaya mag enroll na at mag-aral ng FSL!!! You won’t regret it.


Gearing Up To Do a Very Challenging Task

February 12, 2011

Presented first cut of AVP for MMC…Everybody liked it. Final cut to submit next week. Have enough time to clear everything and ready myself for a bigger, rather overwhelming but challenging and novel project… the translation of some of Rizal’s poems in Filipino Sign Language in celebration of his 150th birthday under grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. We shall schedule an audition to interested Deaf next month…