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Come Fly with Me to TURKEY / Sultanahmet, the Blue Mosque

November 15, 2013

It was last November 2 when I got a chance to visit for the first time The Blue Mosque –¬† SULTANAHMET CAMII [Turkish] or Sultan Ahmed Mosque (click to read more). Friend from UP Film¬† Center days, Rowena Martinez Ulayan-Tuzcuoglu, Istanbul resident and known visual artist in Turkey brought us to the site I never imagined I would one day be. Despite coming from a country majority of whom are Catholics, I found the place simply marvelous!


My first view of the magnificent Sultanamet Camii or The Blue Mosque in Istanbul. I viewed it with wonder and awe! It appeared to me as fairy-tale like.

Sultanahmet Minarets

Closer shot of the minarets

Sultanahmet compound2

Inside the mosque court


Take note of the paper like objects flying around one of the minarets…


…they are in fact, birds, seagulls I believe. They quite struck me as they actively animate the place along with tourists visiting the mosque.

Sultanahmet rug

The floor rug inside the mosque building. Shoes must be removed before entering it. Plastic are provided on bins placed at the main entrance lobby. Women must cover their heads [hair only] with cloth, in my case, shawl, as sign of reverence.

Sultanahmet Ext1

View of Sultanahmet as we leave the place on the way to Hagia Sophia side opposite it.

Sultanahmet Ext2

Leaving the beautiful mosque behind