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It’s All About Love…

January 7, 2017

…Of God, of Others, and most importantly, of Oneself. It is about being positive and being happy, of becoming truly Xtra-Ordinary. But not without effort though. That is what for me Cris Lorenzana’s book, “Refuse to be Ordinary” is all about having read it from cover to cover. True enough, how else can one become extraordinary if we concern ourselves too much on what others would think or say when we do something different, unusual or uncommon; or, when we trod to take a path less traveled? How can one be a Jonathan Livingston Seagull if you would always have to go with the flow, or do what flock members are expected to perform ordinarily; or, when you stop or refuse to explore your potentials. The ripple effect is there I believe. When we love ourselves, it will be reflected on how we treat others — be they to human beings or any of God’s Creations. “When there is Love; there is Kindness,” that is very true. War and conflict will never arise. Peace, Harmony, Love are only possible if first of all, there is God within our hearts, for God is Love.


Cris Lorenzana Launches Her First Book

Even before its publication, I was expecting the book’s content to be akin to WINNER KA PINOY! — that it would be a radio program on print, if not, an extension of it. I was right! On page 235, Cris says anyone who’d prefer hearing, rather than reading The Optimist Creed and Desiderata may send her a request for their audio file copies; I say that — for her radio listeners like me, there is no need at all because from page one, I could already hear her voice as I read the book. It is as if she is reading in front of me, or over the radio; her presence is felt despite a lot of quotable quotes from those whom she considers her mentors. What a voracious reader, you couldn’t help but think.

However, there is big difference between printed matter, and virtual, aural, and digital materials like CD’s where her weekly episodes are recorded. The former needs no gadget. You can at anytime leaf through the pages to read and re-read, review or just be reminded of fave segments…You can touch the pages lovingly, or tear them with bitterness because some truth may have cause pain in you for realizing that you have wasted a lot of your time doing nothing, or your existence itself seem a complete waste. Which is what Cris is trying to tell everyone all along, to think positive and be with positive people: “Move On! Do not surrender!” What a warrior, this gal!

booklaunch-cris2Indeed the book is quite awesome; it is easy-reading yet thought provoking. At some point, you will have to stop, look back and reflect on your own experiences, relationships, interactions with others; or wallow in the deeper meaning of the quotable quotes as they apply to your own life. Her examples help in understanding them better.

Amidst contemporary chaos locally and globally, amidst daily news reports of deaths, especially EJK’s, of the dangers and fear terrorists sow and spread; of corruption in the government, and apathy now wrapping many of our citizen’s Being, Refuse to be Ordinary is refreshingly a must-read — for downtrodden hearts, those feeling hopeless and useless as it shares thoughts and tips that will help raise self-worth and self-esteem, providing keys to success to become a winner in life. Again, with Love as the bottomline.


Illustration by Ma. Kristina Ham

Regarding the book cover though, I prefer the illustration on her CD, “Live an Extraordinary Life” simply because literally and graphically, showing someone off the ground, and levitating is in itself extraordinary.  Don’t you find being off the earth magically uplifting? And metaphorically seeing or feeling the spirit being taken up in Cloud-9? The ecstatic stance depicts being triumphant, victorious, in euphoria. Besides, the title size as used in the cover snatches the attention that could have been given to the visual element of the girl dancing. In fact, I did not notice the love/heart sign formed by her hands until I intently looked at the form. I could sense the love in labor from Ms. Ma. Kristina Ham’s illustrations and dexterous calligraphy.

Well, speaking of euphoric moments, I once dreamt of being in such an amazing feeling and setting. I remember being high up in the clouds, standing and actually riding on a giant flower that gave me an aerial view of the entire city; the flower moving like a magic carpet as it took me on a journey around, while soft breeze enveloping my Being drowned me with bliss. An unforgettable dream, yes!


Proof of Attendance

Above everything, my preferred illustration reminds me of my favorite writer, Kahlil Gibran. His book illustrations possess surreal, and ethereal qualities that I admire. Beauty is relative but that is how I perceive them in comparison. Having said that, I want to thank Cris for inviting us to her book launch with matching souvenir photo during the occasion held last December 15.

Below are some photos sent by Cris as documented by Col. Clark Abellera.


Photo Op with the rest of the Privileged Few who Attended the Book Launching

I was supposed to treat Cris for giving birth to a dream; pero hindi nangyari. Siya ang nagtreat — birthday treat daw. Anyway, we had nearly three hours of fun just talking, and laughing with some exchange of notes re her book. Our last moments at Chili’s [left photo below] spoiled Cris’ mood though because of sudden ‘bad element’ that came her way…

However, Gelatos at Cafe Ti-Amo [right side photos above] helped in regaining her cool back.

Being with a very positive person, and seeing how she reacted to a negative element was quite notable. I would have reacted the same way she did. Naiimbyerna rin! How one says something really matters.

My treat next time!


Finally! Cris Lorenzana’s “Refuse to be Ordinary” to be Launched on December 15

December 8, 2016

booklaunch-cris Cris Lorenzana, narrator of my documentary on our hero, Apolinario Mabini, entitled “The Sublime Paralytic” will be launching her dream project — a 270-page book entitled “REFUSE TO BE ORDINARY.” She told me excitedly about it a year ago, and now with her dream come true, I am as excited because I very well know that she will surely be writing very uplifting notes, inspiring stories and matters — stuff I personally like to read.

The event shall be held next week on December 15, 2016 at the Yuchengco Institute for Advance Studies [YIAS], 5th Floor Tower II, RCBC Plaza, Rooms 527-529; Time: 2-4 pm. RCBC Plaza is located at 6819 Ayala Ave. corner Gil Puyat St., Makati City.

Cris, herself an Xtra-Ordinary person is the Chief Inspiration Officer of Training Edge, Inc. She hosts WINNER KA, PINOY! – a radio program airing every Sunday from 11a.m. to 12nn at DZXL, 558 MANILA or via RMN TV APP on your Android.

For photos and my reaction to the book, see my blog entry entitled “It’s All About Love…”  To read, click the following link:


THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC Screens Today, August 27!!!

August 27, 2015

The Sublime Paralytic is the English narrated version of my documentary on Apolinario Mabini. Narration by Cris Lorenzana; FSL interpretation by Bayani Generoso. It is will followed by the Filipino-narrated version, PULE: Utak ng Rebolusyon, now in post-production. John Baliza interpreted the story in Filipino Sign Language while Dr. Apolonio Chua narrated the story. All interviews were interpreted in FSL by Febe Sevilla. Translation of the story from English to Filipino by Dr. Ruby Alcantara.


Screening Tomorrow! APOLINARIO MABINI: The Sublime Paralytic

August 26, 2015


Poster designed by Leah Osido [Deaf]

THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC is narrated and captioned or subtitled in English, with Filipino Sign Language interpretations and/or insets to suit all types of audience, including the Deaf and even Blind persons. Narrators are Cris Lorenzana, Winner Ka Pinoy! host at DZXL 558 RMN Manila, and Bayani Generoso [for the Malolos Segment]. Interpreters in Filipino Sign Language are Bayani Generoso, Febe Sevilla, Gess Michael Abrenica Jr. and CJ Patriarca. Reader of Mabini’s El Decalogo is Abner Manlapaz. This is to give Deaf access to information and to promote the widespread use of Filipino Sign Language as language of Deaf Filipinos.


Winner Ka Pinoy’s Cris Lorenzana Narrates the Story of “Apolinario Mabini: The Sublime Paralytic”

August 22, 2015
Cris at SD

Cris Lorenzana recording for APOLINARIO MABINI: “The Sublime Paralytic.”

With first timer music scorer, Thristan Mendoza, and first timer Mabini reader, Abner Manlapaz, I got another first timer for our docu, APOLINARIO MABINI: THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC.

Cris Lorenzana, an inspiration speaker hosting Winner Ka Pinoy! at RMN Manila DZXL 558 is our docu’s narrator. Every Sunday at 11 a.m., her program airs and is heard nationwide.

I did not know her at all when I invited her to join our advocacy documentary on Mabini. But I usually listen to her program being one of the rare programs that talk on being positive, on being a winner… Her voice sounded good and cool to me, sympathetic and I thought she could help keep the hearing audience “awake” while listening to historical facts on Mabini. Luckily, she decided to join the team! So far, comments on her voice and delivery are quite positive. Her voice is clear, and her diction is good according to those who have already watched the film.

Narrated by Cris in English, the film is also captioned in English, and in most parts have FSL interpretations and/or insets. However, the interviews were largely conducted in Filipino. No doubt, we can say that the film is multilingual. The Malolos segment however was narrated by Bayani Generoso because of Cris’ unavailability after two recording sessions. The Sublime Paralytic has also a Filipino-narrated version, now in post-production. The title is PULE: UTAK NG REBOLUSYON, narrated in Filipino by Dr. Apolonio Chua from the Department of Filipino, University of the Philippines.

FSL Interpreters for THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC are Bayani Generoso, Febe Sevilla, Gess Michael Abrenica, Jr. and CJ Patriarca. FSL Interpreters for the Filipino-narrated version are John Baliza, Febe Sevilla, Gess Michael Abrenica, Jr. and Maria Elena Lozada. Janus Victoria and I wrote the script in English, and translated in Filipino language by Dr. Ruby Alcantara, also from the UP Filipino Department. 1899 documents in Spanish were translated by Prof. Anna Maria Yglopaz of the UP Dept. of European Languages.

PREMIERE Showing on August 27, 2015 at DLS-CSB ARG Theater, 5th floor, 4 pm. CSB Bldg., Taft Campus, Manila.


Finalizing “Apolinario Mabini: The Sublime Paralytic” with “Pule” in Tow

June 19, 2015

I am working on my digital videos I call Project Mabini — and there are two of them. They are both bio-documentaries about our hero, Apolinario Mabini. One focuses on Mabini, The Sublime Paralytic; the other is on Mabini as the Brains of the Rebolusyon, thus, PULE: Utak ng Rebolusyon. The former includes the causes of his paralysis, discrimination and disability issues as well. The latter is more on his fight against American sovereignty over the Philippines at the turn of the 20th century.

Both films have the same beginning and ending; content within are largely the same but they are different some ways… The Sublime Paralytic has voice narration in English, Pule with voice narration in Filipino. Cris Lorenzana and Dok Apolonio Chua narrated in English and Pilipino respectively. Cris does not appear like Dok in the film however. Sublime Paralytic’s script used was reshuffled for Pule following the new edit form, with some parts revised then translated into Filipino..

The two versions seem to be one and the same since they were intentionally designed to be so, the reason why I consider The Sublime Paralytic as the English version of Pule, and vice-versa. What distinguishes one from the other are the language narrations, sign language interpretations and the interpreters as well, and the focus change on the topic.

Oh well, one has to see them to probably understand what I am talking about.

Both in post-production, these two occupy my time so much so I am not able to join wordpress challenges these days.

[So glad that TumTum Mendoza, talented Person with Autism who is doing the scoring of the film connected just now re his composition….our deadline is nearing. Target screening of The Sublime Paralytic should be before the end of Mabini’s Sesquicentennial birth anniversary, and/ or during the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week.]


TUM TUM – Savant Person with Autism Gave Final Nod to Score Music of Project Mabini

May 7, 2015

Day before yesterday, I met TumTum Mendoza and his Mom Belina in Quezon City. TumTum is a person with autism [PWA] gifted with musical genius. He is a savant PWA. TumTum, when asked by Mom Belina if he can, and really wants to take up the challenge of doing the film scoring work for the docu on Mabini replied “Yes!”

TumTum Watches Rizal

TumTum Intently Watches My Docu on Rizal Scored by His Art Studies Teacher Roselle Pineda and JM Diego

He has no background in film music scoring. That I know. And that alone makes me as excited as his mother. The risk is there…but I am very much willing to take the risk of giving him the opportunity to do the job. Afterall, that is part of my personal advocacy: to let the world know through my films what these people, or PWDs can do. We will never know what TumTum can do beyond just the masterful playing of the marimba if opportunities are not given to him, and others in the sector. In this project, he will have freedom to explore on the use of several instruments to create the music he deems appropriate for the scenes and graphic elements used.


I last saw TumTum in 2011 when he performed during the celebrations of World Autism Day

Diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 1/2, TumTum played the marimba at the age of 5. At the age of 8, he was presented as a gifted child prodigy by the University of the Philippines through its President’s Committee on Culture and the Arts. International artist at an early age of 11, he was a Rosemary Kennedy International Young Soloist Awardee in 2001, and was invited to perform at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. He graduated from the UP Conservatory of Music major in percussion. Snippets of his performance when he was six years old are in my docu on autism ALYANA.

This is TumTum’s first time to film score; but there are many other first-timers in Project Mabini as I’ve earlier written in my blog posts: Abner Manlapaz, a person who like Mabini was paralyzed due to Guillain-Barre Syndrome based on the latest research findings on the cause of Mabini’s paralysis, some of the Deaf play performers who interpreted Mabini’s Decalogo, and the narrator Cris Lorenzana, an inspirational speaker with radio program at DZXL.

The docus [now in the making] about our hero Mabini, an icon to persons with disability show a person who performed excellently despite his disability. I believe it is but proper to include PWDs in the making of The Sublime Paralytic [English] / Pule: Utak ng Rebolusyon [Filipino] to also show their abilities — THISability not DISability should shine.


A Day with the Hiranos, and Renato, the Deaf Pope Francis Blessed

February 18, 2015

The Hiranos — Ronald and Catherine, and Renato Cruz, who with his family, Pope Francis blessed when he visited the Philippines last month were DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies [SDEAS] visitors.  As I did not watch the encounter of Pope Francis with the three Filipino families in MOA, I did not know who Renato was until I became curious and asked Febe who he is while we were in the van on the way to Taal, Batangas. They were toured last Thursday by Giselle Montero and Febe Sevilla to four places in Taal Heritage Town: Taal Basilica, Camera Galleria, Villavicencio Wedding Gift House, and the Basilica Museum. Gi and Febe are part of Project Mabini production team that I am co-producing with SDEAS.


On the way to Taal, Renato Cruz was busy telling a story to Ronald Hirano while Rodolfo Soriano, Jr. looks on. All three are Deaf.

Paano ako nasabit sa lakad? Oh well, the day before the tour, it happened that I was in the office of Giselle because of the voice recording session that I had with Cris Lorenzana, narrator for our video documentary on Apolinario Mabini entitled “The Sublime Paralytic.” Cris is an inspirational speaker, and host to DZXL’s Sunday program Winner ka, Pinoy! Giselle invited me to join them and upon being told that they were going to a historic site… syempre, yes agad!

Renato Takes Photo of Ronald

Renato Takes the Photo of Ronald and Catherine Hirano in front of Taal Basilica in Batangas

Mr. Rodolfo Soriano Jr., octogenarian Deaf brother of actor Nestor de Villa was also in the group. I first met Lolo Rody when I interviewed him with Febe about his life during the Japanese period.

Taal Basilica_group shot

From L-R: Febe Sevilla, Ronald Hirano, Catherine Hirano, Rodolfo Soriano Jr., Giselle Montero, Renato Cruz

The special guest, Mr. Ronald Hirano is a Deaf photographer who launched his book on his mother, Delight Rice, founder of the Philippine School for the Deaf [PSD] in 1907.

With special people and friends, the day had been quite memorable, fruitful, wonderful, wholesome, and enjoyable! On the way home, we had a stop over at Starbucks in Tagaytay City.

[Except for a couple of shots, I shot all the photos using an ordinary point and shoot HP cam].