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Gallaudet University Letter for Febe Sevilla

June 13, 2015

Finally! I found the acknowledgment letter Febe Sevilla, my buddy sign language interpreter wanted to see. It was sent to me by Gallaudet University. Probably because she is a history teacher, she wanted “historical evidence.” Just telling her about it was not enough. Hahaha!

I personally met Ms. Diana Moore, the university librarian to donate a copy of my film,  A MI PATRIA with the last book that I published for my historian-brother. Febe with husband Jun were my interpreters for the film. It features five poems of our National hero JOSE RIZAL interpreted in Filipino Sign Language by Deaf individuals for the first time over a hundred years after they were written. Deaf students the world over can view it there.



Collection Building: Filipiniana Lumabas Na!!!

December 22, 2009

Sa wakas, naipanganak na rin ang aklat ng aking kapatid— Collection Building: Filipiniana! Ito ay idineliver kahapon sa bahay. “One down!” Isa na lang volume ang natitira pa para matupad ang pangako ko sa kanya noong siya’y nabubuhay pa.

Ang aklat na ito—ikaapat na volume sa Mga Ani ni Gani Series— ay para sa mga Filipino librarians, kanino pa nga ba? Lahat ng mga artikulo (napablis man o hindi) na kanyang sinulat ay puro Filipiniana sympre pa!!! Adik sa Filipiniana ang aking kapatid dahil lahat ng tungkol sa Pilipinas ay inaalam nya o kaya’y kinokolekta. Nitong mga ilang buwan lang ang nakakaraan, may mga nakita pa akong koleksyon nya ng mga samut saring trivia tungkol sa Pilipinas na pinamagatan nyang “BELIEVE ME OR NOT.” Hindi ko isinasama sa pagpapublish ang mga trivia notes nyang napulot kung saan-saan dahil palabasa siya at mausisa, kaya malamang ibigay ko na lang sa UP Main Library o kaya’y sa Cavite Studies Center ang anupamang mahanap ko kapag hindi natuloy ang pangarap ko na magkaroon ng Isagani R. Medina Library & Museum. Isang van na ng mga kung ano-anong bagay at mga libro na naligtas sa sunog dahil nasa kabilang bahay ang mga ito ang naipadala ko na sa UP Library pagkatapos matupok ang bahay namin noong 1998.

Ngayon ay mas masaya ang Pasko ko dahil natapos ko na ang isa kong “misyon.” Mai book launch ito ang susunod kong target na sana ay maganap sa first quarter ng 2010.


Press work pa rin at CIP

November 14, 2009

Press work of Collection Building: Filipiniana continues!

Rushing on the blueprint to get to the printer by Tuesday so that by the time I go to Baguio City for the screening on Thursday Nov. 19, of my docu Silent O, in celebration of Deaf Awareness Week, something will simultaneously happen…Hope I succeed in meeting my target deadline. Got back today, the blueprint from Nestor de Guzman, book’s copy editor but I have yet to give it to a friend for another “look.” Had printing experiences in the past– with regards the difficulty of being perfectly free from errors despite so “many eyes” that perused on it, most especially if there are many historical notes. So as to minimize that, with the hope as always that everything will be all right, and the book will be error-free, I ask those who are in no way involved in the project to read the third time as they usually look with fresh eyes.

I already got the CIP* (Cataloging-in-publication) from the National Library of the Philippines and as I’ve earlier posted, I’ll be placing here as well the book’s table of contents to give librarians some idea as to the book’s actual content. The book will be ready earliest by mid-December, latest first week of January 2010. That’s the target!

* Cataloging-in-publication (CIP) is a voluntary program of cooperation between the National Library and the publishers that allows the cataloging of Filipiniana books prior to publication.

Click below to see the table of contents and the CIP data:

Table of Contents_Ani IV

To know why CIP is important, click below



Collection Building: Filipiniana_Nasa Press Na!

November 10, 2009

Attention please! The title of the book dedicated to my brother, Dr. Isagani R. Medina and automatically to all Filipino librarians is COLLECTION BUILDING: FILIPINIANA, not CATALOGUE BUILDING:FILIPINIANA. Got the title from one of my brother’s papers with the same title written in the 90s. This is the fourth to come out in the series of five volumes comprising the  “Mga Ani ni Gani” collection. I submitted the materials yesterday to the printer. Anyone interested to pre-order a copy of Collection Building… may email me at “Dila ng Bayan” (on linguistic history and culture) is still available at P280 per copy excluding postage.

Will post the corrected title page later and the table of contents to give you all an idea of the soon-to-be-born book. His first three books may be seen below:

Mga Ani ni Gani



February 8, 2009

In between production of my advocacy films on sped children, I publish the writings of my historian-brother Dr. Isagani R. Medina. Day before yesterday (Friday, February 6), I received a letter from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) informing me that my project proposal “Collection Building—Filipiniana,” a compilation of writings on Filipiniana development, Philippine library science and history written by my brother has been approved by the NCCA Board of Commissioners last January 15, 2009.

“Collection Building—Filipiniana” is the fourth in the Mga Ani ni Gani series of five volumes which I have started publishing since 2001. My brother got to see only two out of five volumes of his writings printed. The first three volumes are as follows:


1) “Ang Kabite sa Gunita—Essays on Cavite and the Philippine Revolution” published by UP Press in 2001
2) “May tainga ang Lupa—Espionage in the Philippines (1896-1902) and Other Essays,” published by UST Publishing House in 2002
3) “Dila ng Bayan” (a book on Philippine linguistic history) published by MM and the NCCA in 2005

To procure copies of the first two volumes, you may contact or go directly to the publishers whereas the third volume may be directly ordered from me. It costs P280 per copy only (postage price not included) Email or better buy from the following outlets: UP Press Bookstore at Balay Kalinaw in UP Diliman, Solidaridad Bookstore in Padre Faura St. Manila and at the UP Department of History c/o Tess.

My brother, professor emeritus at the UP Department of History was one of the first Dangal ng Haraya (Lifetime Achievement) awardees of the NCCA. He passed away in September 2004.