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Bomb Blasted Bus in EDSA, Makati

January 29, 2011

Today, I’ll veer off from writing about my filmmaking activities to express my thoughts about the bus explosion that happened last January 25 in Makati City that killed five innocent people. The scene of explosion is quite familiar to me being a regular commuter from Pasay to Quezon City, so the points of references that the police made [the perpetrators got in the bus in front of Heritage Hotel,  got off in Malibay though they paid their fare to get off in Ayala…] are as familiar. It was reported that a celfone was used to explode the bomb, and it did explode between Ayala and Buendia MRT stations. Some people are saying that that was just a ploy of the government so that the focus of attention from barrage on news on carnapping transfers to the bomb explosion incident. Tricks to defocus attention from some serious incidents to another is a common strategy done in the past and as far back as the times of Michiavelli. It is akin to giving circuses to the people to momentarily forget their problems, the same way most of our contemporary movies are made under the guise of entertaining the audience, especially the likes of films shown during the Metro Manila Film Festival. Anyway, I just think that some miscalculations were made by those terrorists [I believe they are terrorists]. Exploding where it actually exploded was the least likely place they would have wanted it to happen. I think that their target was actually the Ayala Station since the bus stop at Ayala is right under the MRT Ayala Station. If they would wreck havoc, they would aim it where there are more people, and where there could be more destruction to happen. Thanks God that the bus driver must have been unlike other drivers who would make their buses crawl like turtles to wait for passengers. Had it exploded at the Ayala bus stop, it would have hurt even the by passers, the alighting passengers from other buses, and would have definitely destroyed MMDA structures. I cannot entertain the idea that they are merciful so as spare more people from such a condemnful action. May their conscience bother them like what happened to Retired Lt. Col. George Rabusa, a former military officer who now fears for his life after exposing the alleged “rotten” system in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) including the alleged P50 million send-off money given to former military chief Angelo Reyes. I saw him on TV last night admitting that it was conscience that made him finally divulge the rot.