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Stray Cats

October 5, 2012

I used to see a fish vendor who had five to seven adopted stray cats. Because there are so many of them, I also witnessed how they fought over a fish for their food. Now that I have closely reviewed their fotos and studied their features, I saw scars and expressions of a difficult life in their faces. They sadly reminded me of street children in our cities and how similar their fate and conditions are. However, amidst the inevitable fight for survival, there are times when love and friendship dominate. The world is full of poignant moments such as these ones.

Ready to Fight the World!

When there is Love, there is Harmony

Notice that the cat on the right is blind.

The same cat above is now more somber. Our white cat Oliver is also a stray cat and we have adopted him for good!  He looks like this cat minus the bruises.  But instead of blue, he has yellow sclera.

Now, I do not see the fish vendor anymore neither any of the cats above.