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Weekly Photo Challenge: FRESH Philippine Lemon_Flower to Fruit

March 21, 2015


Philippine Lemon locally known as “kalamansi” and how it looks like: white flower in bloom, the tiny fruit when the flower finally dries up and the petals fall, and the fruit [round, dark green behind the flower]. Best for noodles we call “pansit”, congee or “lugaw” and as refreshing fruit drink…

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Fresh.”


Daily Prompt: The Critical Eye / On Humming the Same Tune

April 22, 2013

This blogsite is a journal of my activities, journeys and experiences, so I oftentimes write about my independent film advocacies and related stuff, as well as my experiences: a) with people — friends and [quite seldom, foes alike to vent  out nega feelings; b] my journey to places through photos, and notes on things that I enjoyed seeing or have learned about; c) plants and animals, especially those that I am “guarding” such as the miracle fruit tree, the calamansi or Philippine lemon, and the Christmas berry plant, others call the money plant; lastly, the pets we are keeping such as Pitz, a hybrid Japanese Spitz / Philippine askal, and Oliver, our supposedly white cat who these days come home always grey after his night fights.

Pitz_4 months later_Nov '12


Oliver Sleeps

Oliver Asleep

I find myself returning back and forth on the above subjects. Thanks to wordpress photo challenges and daily writing prompts such as this one, they at least gets punctuated, and have a respite. So as not to look that repetitive, I pingback on the already written topic to serve as corroborative notes if I need to refer to the same subject again [As sample, click on the highlighted words above]. Well, probably because like music it is just like humming the same tune…only with some variations.

Money Plant

Money Plant

Like music, I write about experiences that has beginning and must end; about people I say hi’s and goodbyes; dreams and wishes; places and things that marked in my memory; animals and plants that I’ve seen growing and dying. Like music, the mood and melody of what I write about reflects my sentiments and feelings — be they excitement on a blooming calamansi and money plant flowers, sadness on seeing my pets unplayful or sick; upset in not accomplishing a target schedule; sarcasm in meeting narrow-minded, if not egoistic individuals; triumph in finishing a difficult film project that successfully overcome hurdles, etc.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved / On Miracle Fruit

January 6, 2013

We have a plant called the Miracle Fruit. I took it for granted for about five years now or from the time I bought it that it grew from waist-length to about 6 feet high. I don’t remember seeing it bear more than five or six red colored miracle fruits in a year. So, a bunch which other plants yield the way I know it is also a dream. Our helper who used to look after it has left some 10 months ago so I took over watering the plant — but with the same attitude. I was busy with my work. Two months ago, I was grounded because of poor health. With more time at home and the plant, I wondered about the rarity of its fruits. I thought of having the plant transferred to a place where it could get more sunlight and have taken the resolve to give it more time, treat it with more care and to daily and diligently water it.

Miracle fruit -flower_ECUHundreds, maybe thousand buds and flowers grew — much more than before. That alone is rewarding but it is still taking time to bear fruit. Most of them are falling so much so that I started talking and asking the plant to turn into a fruit, please!!!

ImageYesterday, I was quite delighted to finally and unexpectedly saw a fruit – green in color. Only ONE though! Now, I am more determined and have taken another resolve to take even more care, give the plant more time and fertilizers as well, talk to the plant more — with the hope of beating its usual and maximum quota of six fruits annually. Who knows? By treating it equally as Pitz and Oliver, it would bear at least a dozen!!! Promise! I’ll make a tally and I’ll guard this first “survivor” to see if it would succeed in reaching its final stage – red, ripe and ready to taste.

What its quota going to be this 2013? Let’s wait and see! Oh by the way, it’s called a miracle fruit because it can turn into sweet taste the most sour of fruits like the Calamansi


My 2012 in Photos

January 1, 2013