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Inclusive Education and the MDGs: How Does it Work?

July 8, 2011

An article written by Rex Bernardo of Mabini Colleges for his column Pinyasan King in the BICOL HARVEST Magazine was posted by SDEAS’ Deaf-e-news. It reads in part–

According to inclusive education advocate Dr. Alison Croft, there is also a growing understanding that there is a clear link between poverty and disability:

‘Being poor also increases one’s probability of becoming impaired and then disabled. This is not surprising as people living in poverty have limited access to basic health care, have insufficient and/or unhealthy food, poor sanitation facilities, and an increased risk and likelihood of living and working in hazardous conditions.’

The understanding of the term ‘Inclusive Education’ changed and developed over the years reflecting the way in which ‘Inclusion’ becomes a subject of debate internationally. It has been argued that Inclusion is a broader concept concerned with identifying and removing barriers to participation and achievement for all students, therefore maximizing the participation of all in mainstream schools. I share the view that inclusive education involves an education approach in which school, communities, parents and children cooperate to identify and remove the barriers to participation, enjoyment, and achievement at school.

Institutionalizing Inclusive Education is a matter of right for persons with disabilities. The Magna Carta for Disabled Persons or Republic Act 7277 (March 1992): “An Act Providing for the Rehabilitation, Self- Development and Self –Reliance of Persons with Disabilities and their Integration into the Mainstream of Society and for other Purposes” is the main legislative tool that promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

Last Dec. 9, 2010, I attended as a resource person the “1st Provincial Forum on Inclusive Education and Disability: Towards an Inclusive Society” held at Mabini Colleges organized by Mr. Bernardo.

To read the full article, please click, inclusive-education-and-mdgs-how-does.html