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What They Say About A MI PATRIA_Screening February 2

January 30, 2013

A MI PATRIA’s [INANG-BAYAN / TO MY MOTHERLAND] new flyer…With reactions from Dr. Apolonio Chua, former Chairman of the Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature,  UP College of Arts and Letters, Atty. Ramoncita Reyes, Rizal descendant, Saturnina Rizal branch and Leo Sulse [Deaf], Chairperson of DLS-CSB SDEAS Center for Academics.

FLYER _What They Say about A MI PATRIA


A MI PATRIA Event Fotos_in Celebration of the 151st Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal

June 20, 2012

We had a successful screening of A MI PATRIA yesterday June 19, 151st Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, at SDA Theater, DLS-CSB Sch of Design Campus. Rizal descendants [Saturnina Rizal branch] Ms. Lisa Bayot and Atty. Ramoncita Reyes; as well as Ms. Maite Gallego, the descendant of Maximo Viola, the man who financed the publication of Noli graced our event. Dr. Apolonio Chua, Dr. Belen Tangco, Prof. Anna Marie Yglopaz, Dr. Beatriz Tardio-Alvarez and Mr. Fons Guardiola of Instituto Cervantes attended.

Presentation of the Production Staff Members and Deaf Performers-A MI PATRIA

A MI PATRIA Guests: [L to R] SDEAS Dean Nicky Templo-Perez, Dr. Vim Nadera, Atty. Ramoncita Reyes [Rizal descendant], Ms. Maite Gallego [Maximo Viola descendant], me, Ms. Lisa Bayot [Rizal descendant], Dr. Beatriz Tardio-Alvarez [Spanish reader], Snr Fons Guardiola of Instituto Cervantes and Mr. Tan of DLS-CSB Vice-Chancellor Bob Tang

[L] Ms Lisa Bayot and Ms. Maite Gallego of MyRizal, A MI PATRIA Film Screening Guest Speakers

Other Guest Speakers: [L] Dr. Therese Bustos [UP Sped Area / Project Consultant] and Leo Sulse [Deaf, Head CSB-SDEAS, Academic Affairs]

Before the screening

Before the Screening

Some members of the Production Staff After the Showing

Q & A / Open Forum

After the Open Forum of A MI PATRIA [Seated on the Front Row – L to R]: Giselle Montero, Febe Sevilla,Anna Marie Yglopaz, MM, Lynn Cappal [Deaf], Myra Medrana [Deaf], Joyce Dalawampu and John Baliza

My thanks to DLS_CSB SDEAS for sponsoring the event and the NCCA for its support in the production of the project! And of course to all the participants in the film, volunteers, the institutions and all those who helped us in one way or the other to make a dream come true! Above all, to Dr. Jose Rizal for his inspiration!


The Legacy Lives on with Jose Rizal’s Descendants

January 25, 2012
From the Curator’s Notes, Zarah Escueta of the Rizal Shrine Fort Santiago, December 30, 2011:
A very successful launching of the first- ever translation of Ultimo Adios in Filipino Sign Language yesterday [Dec. 29].  Thanks to our guests who graced the occasion, DepED, neighbors in IA, NHCP family, Rizal Descendants, our speakers; Director De Larrazabal of De La Salle- CSB, Mr. Raffy [Raphy] Domingo of the Deaf Community, Prof. Vim Nadera, Poet of UP Diliman and Atty. Ramoncita Reyes a descendant of Saturnina Rizal- Hidalgo sister of Jose Rizal and most of all the woman behind this event,MS. MIRANA MEDINA an independent advocacy film maker who edited the controversial Director’s Cut of Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story, a Tikoy Aguiluz film.

Atty. Ramoncita Reyes, descendant of Saturnina Rizal, receives gift from Arch. Veronica Dado of NHCP; Curator Zarah Escueta on the extreme right

This success is dedicated to the legacy of our national hero, his descendants who continuously enrich the hearts and minds of the Filipino people through their endeavors in life be they a lawyer, a doctor, a writer or an artist; they surely give honor to their forefather who gave them honor first.  It is truly a legacy that lives on through Jose Rizal’s descendants and uninterruptedly advocating through his last literary work, Ultimo Adios. [legacy-lives-onwith-jose-rizals.html


Rizal Day Preparations 2011 at NHCP and Ultimo Adios in FSL

November 18, 2011

For the first time in my life, I have joined a meeting, and at the end of it, became part of a group tasked to prepare for the Dec 30 Rizal Day preparations. Happening on the 150th year of Rizal is quite memorable! Being at gathering like that must have been brother Gani’s ordinary group setting. I went there not knowing what the agenda was except that it was going to be about Rizal Day. I didn’t expect the meeting to be that big. When I was advised by Atty. Ramoncita Reyes, a Rizal descendant to attend the meeting, I thought of a group consisting of not more than 15 people. It turned out to be a meeting consisting of different government agencies. I do not belong to any group.

I was surprised but very happy to meet Dr. Bernardita Churchill, a close friend and colleague of my brother Gani; she is the Philippine National Historical Society and Manila Studies Association President. She was as surprised as I was when we met because it was the most unlikely place for me to be–the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. She told me that she had been looking for me because she had a book launched.

I presented Ultimo Adios in Filipino Sign Language [FSL] although the place was not ideal for screening films — the room was well lighted; and the sound was bad. The room is meant for meetings and conferences. Anyhow, Ultimo was shown. I then proposed that it be shown on December 30 for people to watch the film. I want as many people to watch it to be exposed to the beauty of Filipino Sign Language, and as I told them for the Department of Education to see that there is FSL that needs recognition. The committee headed by Exec. Director Badoy agreed. Maybe because Atty. Reyes was all out to support its showing. Afterall, it was her idea for me to attend it, something I really had no idea about until I entered the room. I was asked from what agency I belonged, and I replied: “None.” Then I was asked if I am a Rakista. Again, I was surprised but amused. “Mukha ho ba akong rakista?” Anyway, I signed the attendance sheet, and was given the meeting agenda.  When Arch. Veronica Dado [the person referred to me by Atty. Minney] told me on the phone that I shall be accommodated, I thought it would literally be just accommodating me – sort of a sit-in- because I am an outsider. So when I read the agenda, I was quite astonished to see my name under “OTHER MATTERS”.

But it had a fruitful outcome. They accepted my proposal to show the film, and to sell Ultimo at the Rizal Shrine — to  help me raise the additional funds to finish the rest of the film [versions in English, Spanish and Filipino that will serve the interests of the Blind and regular students of Rizal Course], and for the showing that I intend to hold next year at the UP Film Center. They even want to request big cinema houses to show the film on December 30. Good idea! Until we later talked and thought about the fact that control of copies is not possible. Piracy is quite easy. I couldn’t guard their showings, and be there all the time with the film. I was advised by Atty. Minney to have the film copyrighted by the way.

For unexpected blessings such as this one where never in my life I imagined myself to be, I thank no one but God. As I have always believed since my “conversion,” I am led to the right people and places, and leading me to be doing work that He knows I can contribute something to, no matter how small that contribution may be.

After that meeting, I went to CSB SDEAS to show my docu on Deaf Filipinos, Silent O to new Deaf students. Then went to the Dance Room where Myra and the Silent Steps were practicing. They were going to have live performances of two poems from the omnibus film, now entitled A mi Patria.


Great Grandchildren of Rizal Joined Us in Lauching Project Rizal

June 21, 2011

The launching of Project Rizal and the showing of Ultimo Adiós this afternoon were successful in so many ways:

1. Unexpected visitors, such as the descendants of Saturnina Rizal, Dr. Manolet Gonzales and Atty. Ramoncita Reyes [on the second row seated next to Dean Nicky Templo of SDEAS-in blue blouse] attended our showing;

[please click to watch Dr. Gonzales as he delivers his message to the students of SDEAS]

Great Grandson of Saturnina Rizal, Dr. Manolet Gonzales Gives Message to Viewers of ULTIMO ADIOS in Filipino Sign Language

2. Many, many more understood Rizal, and how much he loved the Philippines through the poem. Thanks to the explanation of Vim Nadera. I projected our session with him when he explained to Raphy and Myra the meaning of each line [taludtod] from stanza [saknong] one. The whole session lasted nearly an hour long so I just showed the first stanza for the viewers to know and have an idea how we came up with the final version.

3. Like in UP, many viewers — Deaf and hearing —held their tears back. They felt the sadness of the poem throughout.

4. To know that a hearing person understood Rizal’s Ultimo Adios better in sign language [I am referring to a friend, Noemi Pamintuan Jara who knows how to sign] was truly wonderful. She says of the film:

“Mi Ultimo Adiós in Filipino Sign Language made me understand the poem better perhaps because signed language communicates straight to your heart and soul. It was able to convey Rizal’s message in a more effective and soulful way. I was able to put myself in Rizal’s shoes — feeling how he felt during his last moments. He now lives in all of us.”

5. I am sure Aldrin Gabriel as “Rizal” has helped and has been an instrument to serve as an inspiration to other Deaf in the sector.

Nang sapian ni Rizal -- Aldrin Gabriel relates how he felt the spirit of Rizal as he practiced the interpretation of the poem

To see some excerpts from the film, please watch below