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Am Voting for El Gamma Penumbra_Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Judgment Day Today

May 14, 2015

Let me go off my usual stuff and track…and focus for a moment on Asia’s Got Talent!

Who haven’t seen or experienced, especially if you are from Asia, what El Gamma Penumbra portrayed in their tribute to Mother Nature?

I also like the performance of Gerphil Flores but the universality, and artistry of the shadow play far outweigh her talent. Besides, a team in unison and near seamless performance is more difficult to achieve than that of individual performances. A mistake of one in a group performance can ruin the whole thing. I am not voting for them because I am a Filipino. They just I personally believe deserve it!

Incidentally, El Gamma members are town mates of our hero Apolinario Mabini, the subject of the video documentary that I am currently doing. They are from Tanauan, Batangas. Re Gerphil, she will shine for sure, and will most probably land up in Broadway musicals and other operatic and dramatic song performances! I do hope David Foster really handles her music career!